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Catholic American Thinker, Issue #002 -- 2006 Ohio Voter Guide
October 25, 2006
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2006 Ohio Voter Guide

October 25, 2006

Well, I've done the 2006 Ohio Voter Guide. Even with the negatives on the Republican side, voting this year is almost a no-brainer because the differences in Party position are so stark, and so sharply contrasted.

True enough, I wish the Republicans wouldn't spend as if they thought they were Democrats. And, I wish Bush wouldn't be so hesitant and halting and limited in his support for dramatically increasing our border security; sometimes it appears that he's being dragged into it against his will. Most of all, I wish he would clearly renounce, rather than promote, any idea of amnesty for illegal aliens in this country.

Word games don't cut it with me. You may call it something else if you wish, but if it involves someone who has broken an existing law and yet is not going to suffer any legal penalty for that, then whatever you are talking about is most correctly titled amnesty. Period. We need to get them out of here, or do whatever it takes to get them to leave on their own, as I said in Kill the Illegal Alien Market Place.

All that being said, we've covered the negatives of the President and his Republican Party remaining in power. While everything else isn't exactly rosy, it ain't too shabby, either. The booming economy is breaking records every day, and the SLIMC is going through all sorts of painful contortions to censor that fact, or put a negative spin on it. Gas prices are still tumbling, and, again, the SLIMC is having to revert to inventing dark conspiracies, like, Bush has some secret hot-line to Rotterdam where world spot-market oil prices are centralized. Right.

The war in Iraq is encountering, as all wars encounter, difficult and dangerous changes and situations. But if the military situation is full of danger, it is also full of opportunity. The enemy has publicly declared Iraq to be the focal point of their war, the place where they hope to militarily crush and/or humiliate "The West" and "The Crusaders." Their efforts to bomb and murder citizens to infuriate them into civil war with each other is paying off, as civilian death-squads and even whole private militias do their deadly work against other innocents. But, in the absence of large national "armies" clashing with each other in the open, it still does not meet the test of being a civil war. The actions are all small, clandestine and even disorganized; simple revenge actions, for the most part.

What we might hope for is that the Iraqi military and the Iraqi police forces, once purified and purged of militia and other private influences, might emerge from all of this as the overwhelmingly dominant armed force to be reckoned with in Iraq. At that point, Iraqi citizens, whether Shia, Sunni or Kurd, may actually begin to consider themselves to be, primarily, Iraqi. It will never be perfect, as America is not perfect, but the fact remains before us that the Iraqi people have overwhelmingly spoken through the ballot box. They want to be a Democracy, and they want their own sovereignty. They want some degree of self determination. No one here should be opposing that.

But the Dem plan is to cut and run.

Again, word games don't cut it with me. You can say redeploy, or use other words. But if the plan is to get American forces out of Iraq before Iraq is ready to stand on its own two feet, then what you are calling for is a cut-and-run by another name. And, once accomplished, it would most certainly be reported, in the news, and in history, and by the enemy, as a defeat. The terrorists will, most certainly, not cut-and-run. They will win politically what they cannot win militarily. The most important point is, they will win. This story promises to become Tet Offensive Media Lie Redux.

But, of course, the yellow-bellied cut-and-runner retreat of the Democrats is led by none other than Jack Murtha, who is looking to become the new House Majority Leader. Now the Dems and the SLIMC were too busy with their round-the-clock super-saturation coverage of their October Surprise of the Foley Scandal for them to give any - any - coverage at all of the FBI footage of Jack Murtha taking a $50,0000 bribe to allow a rich foreigner to illegally enter the country, in another ABSCAM sting. You can actually watch the video at

But that's just for openers. Dems successfully killed (S. 403) in the Senate by erecting a procedural roadblock requiring 60 votes (57 available) to pass. Which, again, proves the Dem's love of the notion of smuggling other peoples little daughters across state lines to procure secret abortions without parental knowledge, let alone approval. The god-state knows best.

Nancy Pelosi, who plans to become the Speaker Of The House, has proven by her own votes that she:

  1. Loves abortion.
  2. Loves particularly partial-birth abortion.
  3. Loves transporting other people's children to get them secret abortions.
  4. Loves even interstate transportation of other people's children to procure secret abortions.
  5. Loves embryonic stem cell research.
  6. Loves eugenics.
  7. Loves funding UN forced contraception and abortion.
  8. Loves legal driver's licenses for illegal aliens.
  9. Hates intelligence gathering without her oversight.
  10. Hates emergency funding for troops in Afghanistan and Iraq.
  11. Hates military recruitment on college campuses.
  12. Loves frivolous lawsuits.
  13. Loves obesity lawsuits against food producers.
  14. Loves misuse lawsuits against gun manufacturers.
  15. Loves "alternative" sentences rather than prison or death.
  16. Loves more severe penalties for newly defined "hate" crimes.
  17. Loves the notion of legalized drugs.
  18. Hates any border patrols for drug and illegal alien violations.
  19. Loves the notion of free needle exchange and "medical" marijuana.
  20. Hates the notion of random drug testing for anyone.
  21. Hates the Patriot act.
  22. Loves same sex marriage.
  23. Loves "gay" adoption.
  24. Loves American flag desecration.
  25. Hates the Pledge Of Allegiance.
I could go on like this indefinitely. What can I say? This represents the leadership thinking in the Party of the nuts, by the nuts and for the nuts.

These people have agendas that are foreign to most of us; they are completely out of touch with us. They're interested in actually impeaching Bush, for Pete's sake, for doing what they recommended, as you can see in the Bush Lied, People Died article discussing that particular Democratic Party lie.

We simply can't afford to allow these idiots to take charge in either house of Congress.

Here are my Ohio picks for 2006; this is the list I will have with me on election day.

Governor: Ken Blackwell
US Senator: Mike DeWine
Ohio Supreme Court: Robert Cupp
Ohio Supreme Court: Terrence O'Donnell
Auditor Of State: Mary Taylor
Secretary Of State: Greg Hartmann
Treasurer Of State: Sandra O'Brien
Attorney General: Betty Montgomery
Those are my picks.

Promote the Culture of Life. Stand up for the American Ideal. Vote as if something, somewhere, might actually be sacred.

Vote as if our future depended on it.

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