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Regarding the perceptible depth of Marxist Infiltration in America.
October 29, 2008
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2008 Marxist Infiltration Into Americanism

Vic Biorseth October 29, 2008
The Thinking Catholic Strategic Center

Until now I have considered America to be about 10% Socialist, based on a statistic I saw somewhere, I don’t remember where, that said that one out of ten of us is employed by the government. That’s a lot of government. All of our armed forces don’t come anywhere near ten percent of all of us. And I don’t know how accurate that statistic still is; I would hazard a guess that it is higher now, because government always seems to grow, never to shrink.

But now, with just days to go till the upcoming election, with Obama and Obiden words boiling to the top of the stew, I’m beginning to see more depth to the general acceptance of Marxist theory among the higher placed and even the highest placed officials and contenders for office. Biden’s words started this chain of thoughts, as he responded to a simple question that involved a quotation from Karl Marx. In multiple interviews afterward, as he tried to vilify the questioner and nullify the ramifications of the obvious correct answer, he revealed his own acceptance of (or perhaps his indoctrination in) Marxist theory.

I noted that Biden didn’t particularly care for the term Socialism, but didn’t protest it or protested it lightly whenever it was mentioned. No big deal, in other words. However, when Karl Marx was quoted, and his quote was compared to Obama’s declared intention to “spread the wealth,” Biden practically foamed at the mouth in his denial of the obvious similarity. He even denied the undeniable, that Obama intends to spread the wealth.

But this is the small thing that struck me: he didn’t seem to know that Socialism was born of Karl Marx, and that Socialism didn’t even exist until Karl Marx invented it. Calling someone a Socialist is synonymous with calling someone a Marxist, or a Communist. So why be upset at being called a Marxist, but not at being called a Socialist? This made me do a re-look at a lot of words used lately by lots of parties. You should too.

Socialism is Marx’s stepping stone, or “evolutionary phase” on the “inevitable” evolutionary path to Communism, or the Utopian Ideal; man made perfection. Heaven on Earth. Marx referred to the Socialism phase as the Dictatorship of the Proletariat, a necessary unpleasant phase needed to “perfect” all the workers and the work places and the social order. I’m sure you remember Lincoln’s government of the people, by the people, for the people. What Socialism actually means is government of the people, by a giant, thundering herd of petty bureaucrats, for the dictator.

Of course, no society that ever entered Marx’s admittedly unpleasant but necessary, and supposedly temporary Socialism Phase ever got out of that phase. Russia was stuck in that “temporary” unpleasant phase called Socialism for some seventy years of unpleasantness. China is just now easing government restraints on economics and, in direct violation of Marxism, allowing Capitalism to spread, even while maintaining rigid control of the government and the populace.

Real Marxists know that it’s all a sham, and a useful tool with which to recruit an army of zealot underlings and gain personal power. Not so bright, Useful Idiot Marxists actually believe that Socialism has some value, and some aspects superior to Capitalism and Democracy.

We need to temper our materialism, our consumerism, our greed and so forth; everybody agrees with that. But we can do those things ourselves, within our own system without introducing the philosophy, if you can call it that, of a nut like Marx. Marx was a pure materialist. Marxism is a pure materialistic system. You can’t get any more materialistic than Marxism, in which all there is is material.

All the House and Senate bloviating about Wall Street Swindlers and their golden parachutes and huge salaries and so forth are aimed at growing the government and further restricting the free market. No matter how bad it looks, all the golden parachutes and all the huge salaries and all the bonuses of Wall Street come down to the tinniest drop in the economic bucket, having no possible discernable difference in wages or prices interest rates of anything from oil to cars to deposits, to anything.

Look more closely at those who are doing the anti-Capitalist political bloviating before the cameras. Then watch, as they pack up their families and take another lobbyist and/or government paid fact finding junket to Tahiti or someplace similar.

I would really like to know how deep Marxism already runs in the overall American psyche. Put your hip boots on before you listen to the next Senate or House hearings, and take notes of the words they use.

Pray for America. And note well that real materialists don’t pray.

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