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Our Ohio voter Guide for the 2012 Election.
October 20, 2012
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2012 Ohio Voter Guide.

Vic Biorseth, Friday, October 19, 2012

It is extremely doubtful that any election since this nation’s shaky founding could be more decisive regarding survival of the nation itself. Under the current leadership, we – America – are rapidly cruising straight into moral, economic, social, sovereign and geopolitical oblivion. It is being done on purpose. Our Dear Leader, Comrade Barack Hussein Obama, Peace Be Upon Him, and his Secretary of State, Madam Hillary, as much as they might despise each other, are both working hard, in their own ways, to bring an end to any recognizable American Constitution, or as it being recognizable as anything other than an interesting artifact of history. We have got to stop this.

I have lifted this voter guide straight off of the Huber Heights Liberty Group website, found at, because I agree with it entirely. This election, you had better vote as if your nation itself depended upon your vote, because it does.

In my daily courier rounds, at what is normally my last pick-up stop for the day, there is frequently a slight lag in time after my arrival if the pick-up is not ready yet, and I sit down and read whatever waiting room literature is available. Yesterday I picked up a little pamphlet titled Unfit To Rule by Dan Zimmerle, produced by You can go to that website and get this little pamphlet for free. In is an interesting re-print of the 27 grievances against King George listed by Thomas Jefferson in our Declaration of Independence. It shows precisely how Comrade Obama, peace be upon him, has violated every single one of them, in his attempt to make himself king. He intends to rule, rather than represent. He has not only placed himself above the law – which is the Constitution – he has made himself the law, exactly as if he were a ruler. I encourage you to go to the above website and get the pamphlet.

What happened to our Principles? The Founders and the Framers were men of strong conviction and principle – religious and moral principle. The very first principle of any principled man of their generation was applied to the nature of Truth. A statement or a man’s word was either true, or it was not. That is what is being killed here – not the Truth, because you cannot kill the truth; but the principle regarding the protection, defense and profession of truth is very nearly dead in this country today. Truth should be celebrated. Untruth should be attacked.

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