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Agent Provacateurs: Manipulated manipulators inflaming Ferguson MO.
November 27, 2014
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Agent Provacateurs: The manipulated manipulators inflaming Ferguson MO.

The agent provocateurs are defrauded fools defrauding and fooling a dumbed-down populace.

Vic Biorseth, Thursday, November 27, 2014

Agent Provocateurs were the tools of revolution described by Niccolo Machiavelli, the reputed inventor of "The Ends Justify The Means". If he didn't invent it, he certainly popularized it as a world wide immoral political stratagem. In Machiavelli's strategy for the forcible overthrow of a sovereign, his Agent Provocateurs were necessary sacrificial pawns, needed to make the "New Prince" into a public hero, and the new sovereign, at the same time. It is a strategy of deceit and deception.

The New Prince would quietly and secretly gather his own armed forces, while hiring and/or defrauding the secret spies and agent provocateurs into fomenting discord, inflaming the people against the sovereign or the established order, causing and accentuating strikes, chaos, disorder and even terror. Groups of secret agent provocateurs would purposely foment this discord in multiple localities at once, so that the existing sovereign would be confused, split his forces and not fully comprehend what was going on.

When the whole of the sovereignty was rioting, the New Prince would ride in to the rescue, killing all the rioters, and killing even his own spies and agent provocateurs, to the cheers of the terrified populace, and he would dethrone the ruler and make himself the new ruler.

It works. Sometimes. Karl Marx (or his ideology of conquest) proved it.

Marxism was inspired by the writings of Machiavelli.

I submit that no Communist government, in all of history, ever came to be through purely popular revolution, or through honest and open purely popular election. Marxism, in any form, advances only through deceit, deception, lies and treachery.

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