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A Lay Catholic American view of the Great American Decline.
October 26, 2015
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A Lay Catholic American view of the Great American Decline.

How and why America is going down as Marxism and Islam rise.

Vic Biorseth, Monday, October 26, 2015

The moral and cultural decline of America was precipitated by a decline in faithful teaching and a corruption of faith and morals among leading clerics in the Catholic Church in America. There are many factors contributing to the obvious decline clearly visible all around us, but morality and faith is at the root of every one of them. Even though we may have always been a majority Protestant nation, Catholicism has always provided one solid unshakable rock, a moral anchor point, which acted forcefully to hold the rest of Christianity to a higher standard and demonstrate a better way to live.

No more. Today, there is little or no difference in the levels of living a moral life between most Catholics, most Protestants and most atheists. American Catholics do not properly know their own faith, and that is the fault of American Catholic Bishops. The social anchor is gone.

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