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Explaining the word "American" in Catholic American Thinker.
December 20, 2014
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Explaining the word "American" in Catholic American Thinker.

Retaining our distinct American identity in an increasingly Marxist - Scientistic - Collectivist larger world.

Vic Biorseth, Thursday, December 18, 2014

To be fully American is to embrace fully the American Ideal; the hope, the idea and the ideology that makes America America. The details of all that are laid out elsewhere in this site. You can see them in the Foundational Principles, in the Constitutional Principles and in the American Ideology page, among many others herein.

The one truly unique aspect of America that stands out from all other nations throughout human history is that America is the first nation ever intended, designed and Constituted to be a Classless Society. No Ruling Class; no Royal Class; no Noble Class; no Caste System. Every citizen, from the President on down, stands equal to every other citizen under the law. We are subject not to any man, but to the law. The law rules. Thus, we stand in a Nation of Laws, and not merely of men.

In every other nation, someone stands apart from the law, immune to the law, or is the law.

The American Constitutional Government is the first national government in history designed to protect the citizenry from its own government. Citizen rights are specifically spelled out in law, and the government, which is established by the citizenry and may be taken down by the citizenry, is legally prohibited from infringing upon those citizen rights.

At the core of the American ideal are the "Foundational" human rights from Natural Law, authored by God. They are inalienable rights, which cannot be taken away by man. These are, of course, the right to equal treatment by the law, the right to Life, the right to Liberty, and the right to the independent pursuit of happiness, which translates into the founding of families and the earning or legal acquisition, ownership and accumulation of private property.

These are declared to be "self evident" human rights, not merely unique American citizen rights. Americans recognize them in all human beings wherever they may reside. They attach to "All Men".

Constitutional Rights, however, are unique to American Citizens, for they are spelled out in the Constitution and/or Bill of Rights and other Amendments to the Constitution. The Constitution is the Supreme Civil Law of the United States of America, and it pertains to the Government, citizenry and territories of the USA alone.

The citizen liberating and citizen rights protecting nature of the Constitution is what produced the "Exceptionalism" of the American entrepreneurial spirit, the advancement of knowledge in all fields of study and the building of a national economic engine the likes of which had never previously existed.

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