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President Trump: the Focal Point and Target of All Anti-God Rage.
January 11, 2018
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President Trump: the Focal Point and Target of All Anti-God Rage.

All Anti-God Rage today is directed at Donald Trump, the most unlikely, unexpected, and SOLE champion of God on the World Stage Today.

Vic Biorseth, Wednesday, January 10, 2018

We have been attacking the authors, the perpetrators and the trends of Godlessness, ungodliness and opposition to God seemingly forever. Our greatest disappointment is in how rarely the linkage between Marxism and Ungodliness is recognized, throughout our whole culture. The ungodliness of Marxism is what is destroying our culture, and most of us fail to recognize that simple fact.

People think of Marxism as an economic theory, a philosophy, a political movement, a "Revolution", and indeed it is all of those things. But beneath it all, it may well be the chief anti-God weapon of Satan. To fail to separate that one definitive point out of all the other definitive points describing Marxism is to miss the major point:

Marxism aims to destroy faith in God. Always, and in every circumstance.

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