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What's new about the Benghazi story? We may never know it all.
May 07, 2013
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The Unraveling of Benghazi

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

To me, there is nothing really new here, except that some of this is now being reported in the SLIMC. The President lied. So, what's new about that? Madam Hillary, our Secretary of State lied. Susan Rice lied. The President's Press Secretary lied. So what's the big deal? That's what Marxists do. You show me a Marxist, and I'll show you a MEJTML. Or, you show me a Moslem and I'll show you an IEJTML. The lie is the chief weapon of the would-be dictator or Caliph. Lying is what they do.

We talked about this way back in

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