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Breaking Heterodoxy: Priests can either restore orthodoxy, or they cannot.
June 07, 2016
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Breaking Heterodoxy: Priests can either restore orthodoxy, or they cannot.

All the other "Breaking" pages have to do with the Constitution; this one has to do with the return to Roman Catholic Orthodoxy, which leads the way in restoring American cultural morality.

Vic Biorseth, Sunday, June 05, 2016

It's all very simple really; it's black and white.

On an individual level, you and I either know right from wrong, and behave accordingly, or we do not. We either do what is right, or we do what it wrong.

At the federal government level, our government action is either constitutional, or it is unconstitutional. What does that mean? Well ...

A President, or his Justice Department, can either order people into wrong-sex bathrooms, or he cannot. A Supreme Court can either adjudicate cases and set legal precedents that are effectively new federal law pertaining to such things as marriage and homosexuality, or it cannot. A Congress can either legislate federal laws pertaining to medicine and insurance, and order citizens to buy products they do not wish to buy, or it cannot.

And, at the nexus of ecclesial authority and Catholic Orthodoxy, a Pastor of a Parish can either return to facing the Tabernacle, and distributing Communion at the communion rail on the tongue, and eliminate lay distribution at Mass, and more, or he cannot.

We either know right from wrong, or we do not.

The Constitution is either the supreme law of the land, or it is not.

The Catholic Church is either orthodox, or it is heterodox.

Very simple, nothing to it.

The problem is, in each of these areas, the solution involves division,

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