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Breaking Public Education: Killing Tax-Paid Anti-American Indoctrination.
May 02, 2016
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Breaking Public Education: Killing Tax-Paid Anti-American Indoctrination.

Breaking Public Education at the federal level may be the only way to kill Common Core under all its many aliases.

Vic Biorseth, Saturday, April 30, 2016

"Common Core" has upset and is upsetting more and more of America's too slowly awakening citizenry. The advances it has already made in law and in forced government education are, in some jurisdictions, almost to the point of being irreversible. I remember when it was called "New Math", and education threw out such old aids as multiplication tables in favor of "Spacial Awareness" AND "Visual Conceptualizing" the objects being multiplied.

It was accompanied by the experimental elimination of the "Authoritarian" arrangement of a teacher at the head of a room full of student desks facing the teacher, in favor of everybody arranged in a circle facing each other, or, everybody on the floor kind of sort of facing each other, with the teacher just one face among the many.

Every time anyone addresses the foolishness of these "New" innovations in education, they are labeled "Old Fashioned", patted on the head and largely ignored. And every time anyone addresses the obvious centralized planning that went into these "innovations" and points out the obvious foreign, alien and even anti-Christian, anti-American sources of the innovations, they are labeled "Conspiracy Theorists", "Religious Fundamentalists", anti-education, ignorant red-necked bigots, and they are publicly pilloried and driven from the conversation.

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