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Breaking The UN: De-funding a Globalist, Dependent-Upon-Us Mortal Enemy.
May 07, 2016
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Breaking The UN: De-funding a Globalist, Dependent-Upon-Us Mortal Enemy.

The UN is now a Globalist, predominantly Marxist and Moslem, anti-American and anti-sovereignty, corrupt, criminal enterprise. It needs to be broken.

Vic Biorseth, Friday, May 06, 2016

We can no longer "negotiate" in good faith, in America's good interest, with the UN, a monster of our own making. It has morphed into a self-serving, globalist, power-sucking entity of its own, with its own global ambitions. The two most numerous UN voting blocks are Marxist and Moslem, with many non-Marxist, non-Moslem members being UN-favoring globalist, anti-sovereignty voting members.

Just about every decision coming out of the UN may be expected to be against us in some way. Every science-denying fraud and hoax designed to destroy national economies is centered in and driven by the UN. From "Sustainable Development" to "Climate Change" to "Intergalactic Communications", most if not all of the member money demanded to "fix" the fraudulent schemes, hoaxes and false problems will be demanded from us, the good old USA.

And our unconstitutional Marxocrat Party will support it, and our unconstitutional Republicrat Party will not strongly resist it and will not stop it.

It has gotten so bad that the UN itself IS a hoax. It's a fraud.

The UN does nothing worthwhile; it only operates to our disadvantage.

The UN's major goal, in reality, is to bring about a global depression.

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