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Casually Crashing America and Innocently Destabilizing the World.
February 16, 2013
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Casually Crashing America and Innocently Destabilizing the World.

Fomenting Foreign Wars to Bring America Down, while appearing disinterested, disengaged and innocent.

Vic Biorseth, Saturday, February 16, 2013

We see lots and lots of shocked and angry editorializing today about the shear stupidity of both foreign and domestic decisions by this administration.

Giving modern fighter aircraft, tanks, money and support to the worst rising barbarity in the Middle East; opposing and alienating only allies; bolstering and supporting only enemies; supporting the insupportable everywhere - is editorialized to be brought about by Presidential inexperience, geopolitical naivete, and perhaps even suicidal stupidity.

Spending our way to prosperity, borrowing our way out of debt, legally imposing absolute moral depravity on the citizenry, infuriating the citizenry with the threat of un-Constitutional takings, and more, - is again editorialized to be brought about by Presidential inexperience, political naivete, and perhaps even suicidal stupidity.

"Look at what he's done now!" the conservative commentators or political opponents say. "How could anyone be so dumb?" And, best of all, "What he is doing in impossible; it cannot succeed; he will fail."

But, you see, Comrade Obama, peace be upon him, is, always, first and foremost, an Alinskyite-Marxist, and a some-times Moslem, and as such, his whole being, and his whole purpose for being, is anti-American.

In what he intends to do to America, he may not be described as inexperienced, or naive, or stupid. He knows exactly what he is doing, he is doing it well, and he is looking perfectly innocent while he is doing it.

And it is working. It is not failing.

He stands before the cameras and tells flagrant, whopping lies, big and bold, and he is believed by the huge and growing segment of the "uninformed" voting public, because he is not questioned and indeed is backed-up by a thoroughly Marxist SLIMC , which acts, as his propaganda arm, to not only support his flagrant lies, but to relentlessly attack and vilify all of his political opposition.

Lenin succeeded in his "Revolution" which was more accurately a sudden violent coup, because the Russian military was preoccupied with fighting in a desperate World War, and the Russian citizenry didn't know what was going on until it was too late to stop it, because the Czar and all opposition leadership was dead.

Mao succeeded in his "Revolution" because the Chinese military was preoccupied with fighting a desperate World War, and Mao was able to gain more warlord allegiance than anyone else.

Hitler succeeded in his "Revolution" because he was the one with the ability and the ruthlessness to violently quell the social chaos he himself had largely instigated, following the plan of Machiavelli.

Obama hopes to succeed in his "Revolution" while the cream of the American military is somewhere offshore fighting in a new world war, and America herself collapses into economic chaos, civil disorder and perhaps even civil war.

And he will look innocent; indeed, he will look like the champion, as he comes riding to the rescue of the citizenry. He will receive no blame. Indeed, he will have praise heaped upon him, as America and the world burns.

That is the plan. It is not a plan as logical moral men think of plans, with specific steps leading to success. It is a plan to foment discord and chaos, while standing back and awaiting opportunity that arises from chaos. As such, it is, step by step, unpredictable. But in the long run, it is predictable to the point of being inevitable, if it is not stopped.

I don't see anyone stopping it, or even recognizing it. Do you?

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Casually Crashing America.

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