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Explaining the word "Catholic" in Catholic American Thinker
December 10, 2014
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Explaining the word "Catholic" in Catholic American Thinker

How does the Catholic American Thinker retain distinctly Catholic identity and free thinking, from within mostly Protestant, increasingly secularized American culture?

Vic Biorseth, Wednesday, December 10, 2014

America was founded by Biblical people, imperfectly guiding the living of their lives from within a clearly identifiable Biblical ethos. That was their moral touchstone, how they determined right from wrong, and it was their guide to achieving everlasting life. And it supplied a good basis for the establishment and maintenance of civil law.

The original Pilgrims came here precisely to escape the state-forced Protestant denominational national religions of Britain and Continental Europe. Our Pilgrims wanted the freedom to worship as they believed, not as any king or noble dictated. That is how America came to be.

Although Catholics played an important role in discovering America and in early explorations and contacts with native peoples, they only formed one official Catholic Colony: Maryland. Catholics have always been a minority among Christians in America, and not always trusted by broad Protestantism, imbued as it was by an almost rabid anti-clericalism, exaggerated and inflamed by the wars of the Reformation.

Here are the original American Colonial religions:

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