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May the Holy Days we celebrate remind us all of who we are, and how we are a people set apart.
December 20, 2006
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Moving into the Holy Days . . .

I’m still quite pre-occupied with technical aspects of getting a new business launched, but trying to stay abreast of what’s going on. And, SANE has come out with another NuVo Initiative article, the eleventh in the series so far, available at NuVo Initiative Series - 11. This one is quite brief and to the point; yet clinging to the not voting is gonna save the country position, as a proactive action to avert the descent into the multi-cultural oblivion of the Global Village. I commented there as follows:

I see two shaky premises here.

  1. The NuVo Initiative is supposed to be an “action” that opposes “The World State,” while the act of voting is supposed to affirm it.
  2. The NuVo Initiative is supposed to oppose the “Concretization of the World State,” held to be synonymous with “Correcting the Error,” while voting supports it.
The problem NuVo points out is quite legitimate; however, the solution is fatally flawed.

Rejecting the option to vote leaves the American sovereign citizen no legitimate political option in a free Republic. It kills the very principle of government of the people, by the people and for the people.

All of this NuVo inaction recommendation is based upon the theoretically inevitable loss of the ability (or willingness) of the people to discriminate. I don’t see that eventuality as inevitable.

Reason demands, by its very definition, the ability to discriminate. But there is another aspect of man that does not involve reason in any way, and that aspect is Faith. There is such a thing as Truth, or, Objective Reality, which is quite independent of the mind of man. We use “reason” when we consider the issues of life, the things of this world. There, we discriminate. But when it comes to Revelation, or Truth, we enter another realm, involving acceptance or rejection of God’s Revelation of Himself to man, and all that flows from that.

I’m not going to get into Grace, or determining which of multiple claimed Revelations is the correct one. Suffice it to say here that Reason plays a part in the early examination of Revelation, but that true faith, once found, is something quite apart from reason, and may even be said to be unreasonable.

The problem leading America toward “The World State” involves a distinct minority perverting the Constitution while slowly indoctrinating the people in the erroneous notion of the equality of religions/ideologies/systems, and the badness of exercising discrimination, which is to say, correctly applied reason.

Apples and oranges have been mixed here, in the minds of the citizenry. They now use non-discrimination – a perversion of reason – to compare divergent religions/ideologies/systems before they vote. Even those brought up in faith-filled households and in Christian traditions fall victim to it. Practicing Christians and Jews are not free to pick and choose among divergent “revelations” or even to hold them to be in any way equal. For them, there is one and only one Revelation, by which they are supposed to guide their lives.

While I agree that SANE has correctly identified the problem, telling people to stop voting is most certainly not going to correct it. Indeed it might go a long ways toward destroying the American Ideal and the Jeffersonian model of Democracy.



These issues demand attention and thought. As we move into these blessed Holy Days, Christmas and Hanukkah themselves, and our observance of them, provide ample evidence that Christians and Jews believe in and even celebrate miracles, something unexplained by science, and something quite beyond human reason. Where does this come from?

From the properly formed consciences of those properly raised in the ancient tradition of A People Set Apart. The “collection” of all of these properly raised and well trained consciences comprises our collective ethos, which guides our lives, our families, our neighborhoods, our nations, our very people-hood, and what makes us different from other distinct Peoples. It is our proper conscience and our proper ethos, guiding and limiting our reason, that allows us to discern and discriminate between that which is sublime and decent on the one hand, and that which is crude and vulgar on the other. Only our ethos tells us what is virtue and what is vice.

Remember and return to your ancient Roots. Refresh your Tradition. And then, look around.

Look closely at the open opposition to our Judeo-Christian ethos. Look at the champions and sponsors of multi-culturalism, the Global Village and the whole notion of social sameness. The terms vulgar and crude will apply to some aspect of their being, whether it might be language, appearance, manners, morals, habits, culture, philosophy, or whatever. They oppose our Tradition because they do not want to, or for anyone else to, discern or discriminate between what we know to be virtue and vice. They are crude and vulgar people; they are not the same as us. They have rejected Tradition and Ethos.

We also have before us the newer tradition and ethos of the false religion of Islam. Even its beatific vision of Heaven is crude and vulgar, and of a purely worldly nature. Islam falsely claims to be ”A People Of” our Book; a Book Islam quite obviously never even read. If Islam (and Moslems) had ever even read our Book, they wouldn’t be scripturally, officially and consistently calling for violence against everyone other than themselves, let alone against Christians and Jews. They are not the same as us.

We are called to recognize who we are, and to celebrate that fact.

I wish you a very Happy Hanukkah, and a very Merry Christmas. Study what we celebrate.

May you please God, and may you live forever.

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