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Wayward bishops and complicit journalists corrupted Catholic culture.
September 11, 2013
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Our Corrupted Catholic Culture

Vic Biorseth, Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A Tale of Sinful Catholic Bishops, and of their Complicit, Obedient, Lap-Dog Journalists, and the Official Public Blessing of Evil by men wearing the mitre.

We are never going to get out of the hole Obamunism has dug us into unless and until we the people return to Godliness and begin to live this life as Godly men. Do not look to American Catholic Bishops to lead the way. Too damned few of them can even be trusted to be fully and completely Catholic. Too damned many of them are downright anti-Catholic in their "doctrine." Too damned many of them are lukewarm in their faith, and silent about all of this, and just letting it all happen.

Read the whole article, and watch the two videos and see for yourself how we the people are being led astray by those charged by Christ Himself to lead us to Him.

Do not just sit down and be silent about all of this.

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Corrupted Catholic Culture

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