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Deep Reconciliation means repentance, confession, absolution and conversion.
June 22, 2013
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Deep Reconciliation:

Repent; Confess; Convert.

Vic Biorseth, Saturday, June 22, 2013

This, as it turns out, is a continuation of the recently published American re-evangelization page. Shortly after publishing that page, I heard another of Fr. Eric's inspired homilies, this one on Reconciliation. And some of the thought that it provoked involved the fact that more than faith alone had been weakened, both in Catholic and in general American society. The Democrat Party driven program of secularization has gained tremendous ground over the many decades of its life, to the point where Christianity is regularly mocked and ridiculed in popular entertainment.

I used to think the most terrible thing to happen to Catholicism in America involved loss of recognition of the True Presence in the Eucharist. Many priests and bishops were offering, and many people were receiving, Holy Communion with God Himself, as a casual, normal, every-day sort of ritual celebration, to which everyone was invited. Heavens to Betsy, mustn't leave anyone out; why, how would that make them feel.

What Fr. Eric's homily reminded me of was the dramatic loss of recognition of, and belief in, the notion of sin itself. And that brought back a torrent of memories of how the Catholic culture notion of sin has softened just in my short lifetime. When I was a boy, I remember the intense arguments on Sunday mornings before Mass, over whether toothpaste was food, and whether accidentally swallowing a little toothpaste in the morning might break the pre-Communion fast, or not.

Boy how times change. All of America has changed, for the worse.

The worst of the "forgotten sins" all seem to be of a sexual nature, and they all seem to have been normalized into American culture since the sexual revolution of the 60s.

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