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A time to gather, or a time to scatter? This is a time of dividing.
March 04, 2016
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A time to gather, or a time to scatter? This is a time of dividing.

On Dividing ourselves from Republicrat Stupidassism, and their program of big-tent Party "unity" with our own mortal enemies.

Vic Biorseth, Friday, March 04, 2016

Trump does not represent our Party values, they say. He's not a true Republicrat. But, if it comes down to Trump or Cruz, they'll take Trump, because they can deal with Trump, but not with Cruz. What we need, they say, is someone (like Rubio) who can "bring us all together" and who shares our "values".


It's Party values they're worried about, not American values, not Christian values, and certainly not the Constitution. They oppose the Constitution, and they oppose us. And they just keep proving it. If they were not steadily taking the Constitution out of consideration and out of operation, I couldn't have truthfully written the things I said in Secularized Reason, and Political Proposals, among other pages.

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