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Emoticon Bigotry: the induced bigotry symptom within Emoticon Syndrome.
November 24, 2016
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Emoticon Bigotry: the induced bigotry symptom within Emoticon Syndrome.

The Educationally Induced Emoticon Syndrome project introduces Emoticon Bigotry, making the student a hopeless bigot, just like his teachers.

Vic Biorseth, Thursday, November 24, 2016

We have elsewhere herein discussed all the hopeless, helpless and angry little Emoticons being cranked out of American universities. The mental and emotional cripples who can't think for themselves, and who just can't cope with the emotional trauma brought on by the election of President Elect Donald Trump. They need grief-counseling, they need safe-zones and crying-zones, they need something like tantrum-zones, or rallies and demonstrations to join, so they can get out there and express their rage, and not keep it all inside. That's what they've been taught, and they believe their teachers, and they have faith in the "wisdom" they've acquired through higher education.

They all know, with ontological certitude, that Donald Trump is a bigot. They haven't seen any evidence, and they don't need to see any evidence, because, after all, teacher says so. And TV says so. And the newspapers say so. There's no need for any Emoticon to look any farther. They believe what they've been taught, because they know that their teachers, like all those professional journalists out there, are the sole possessors of, and sole proper conduits to the rest of the world, of truth.

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