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We now clearly see all evil coalescing round Comrade Madam Hillary.
November 01, 2016
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We now clearly see all evil coalescing round Comrade Madam Hillary.

All the forms of evil coalescing in Madam Hillary and her Party are at long last visible, and therefore defeatable, all at once.

Vic Biorseth, Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Truth cannot be denied forever. A Person, Party or Movement who's true, evil purposes are hidden by lies, subterfuge and false images is just another temporary house of cards. Sooner or later, someone will sneeze on it, and it will all blow apart and come tumbling down. It never takes much.

Thanks to the internet, cell phones, social media, etc., the truth is actually getting out to the populace, despite all the concerted efforts of our evil Mainstream Media to censor it, spin it, propagandized it and distract attention from it, all at the same time. The Media, too, is now seen to be just another part of the whole evil house of cards, criminally colluding with the Establishment "Uni-Party", comprised of the Marxocrat Party, the Republicrat Party and the USCCB, for which the Media is the main public propagandist. I man spokesman.

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