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Closing down my FaceBook account.
August 06, 2011
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Notice to all my FaceBook friends:

One week from today, I will be permanently closing my FaceBook account. FaceBook is too insecure for my taste, and FaceBook provides no help whatsoever with help against intrusions by hackers. A foul-mouthed Marxist and/or a foul-mouthed Moslem has co-opted my name and my profile pic, and is sending nasty messages to my friends, in my name, as if the messages were coming from me. There is no way this person could be logged on as me with my password; and there is no way he could be logged on as me at the same time I am logged on. He just has some tricky way of showing my face and my name on his messages to you. If any of you receive any such message, know that it was not from me. One week should be long enough notice for all of you to be aware. You can still contact me through my own website, which is much more secure and under my control. One week from today, any message any of you receive from me will most certainly not be from me, because my account will no longer exist. God bless.

Do not reply to this automatic email.

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