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The French Islamophobia: Was it real? Or is Islam really something to be feared?
January 09, 2015
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The French Islamophobia: Was it real? Or is Islam really something to be feared?

If the French Islamophobia turns out to have been warranted, what about ours?

Vic Biorseth, Friday, January 09, 2015

Disagree with any elitist sophistry and you will be labeled a "Phobic" of some variety. Mentally ill. Suffering from a Phobia. Perhaps in need of being institutionalized. For instance, if you refuse to go along with the "naturalization", normalizing, social and societal acceptance of open, public, active homosexuality, you will be labeled a Homophobe. Suffering from Homophobia.

"But I'm not afraid of the faggots!" you might complain. But then, you would be told that this particular phobia means that you are afraid that you might be a faggot. Really. No, seriously. That's the position of all the intelligentsia today. And they should know, right? Because open public faggotry is normal, and is natural, and is not sinful, and is socially and culturally acceptable, and is even heroic. And if you oppose that new norm, then you are merely resisting your own natural tendency to want to participate in it. See?

Islamophobia differs in that it is diagnosed as an actual irrational and unwarranted fear of the followers of Islam. In order to understand this particular phobia you have to disregard history, and consider only what the Islamic spokesmen for Islam have to say about it. And what they say is that Islam is a religion of peace. There you have it, straight from the horse's mouth. All the elitist intelligentsia agree with what Islam says about itself: Islam is peaceful. Anyone who says otherwise is Islamophobic.

The only problem with that is the actual truth of the matter. What Mohammed said about it, what Islam's holy book says about it, and the actual unvarnished history of Islam.

Since its birth, Islam has advanced and "converted" nations only by

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