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How the Marxocrat Party and Journalism are Loving and Growing Antifa.
August 31, 2017
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How the Marxocrat Party and Journalism are Loving and Growing Antifa.

Just as the old Democrat Party Created and Grew the KKK, the new Marxocrat Party and Journalism are now Creating and Growing Antifa USA.

Vic Biorseth, Wednesday, August 30, 2017

If you look at the history of today's Marxocrat Party, which was yesterday's Democrat Party, you don't need to look too deeply to learn that it was anti-equality, and thus anti-American, from it's birth. It is the Party of slavery, secession rather than abolition, the wrong side of the Civil War, the KKK, racial and anti-American terrorism, segregation forever, and now, International Communism, Anti-Nationalism, Anti-Patriotism and Globalism. By any means necessary.

Thanks to Cultural Marxism's successful commandeering of American academia, government education, entertainment, journalism and publishing, today, news reporting, elite opinion and pop-culture almost universally support the Antifa movement in America, at least ideologically. And all of these now Culturally Marxist factions, all together, almost universally opposes the elected President and falsely paints him and his voters as racists and fascists.

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