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I told you so before the 2008 election; and here we are.
August 13, 2011
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Just don’t say no one told you.

Vic Biorseth, Saturday, August 13, 2011

Look at the links in the right column to see how my concern lights began to glow, then to blink, then to flash brilliantly as the claxon horns went off calling everyone to battle stations. We are watching the world crash and burn right before our eyes, and it is happening on purpose, and by design.

In the 2008 political campaigns, I thought the edginess and the clear dividing lines between Marxist ideology and American Constitutionalism began to become more visible and more distinct. Some of the false façade that always stands in for the real Marxists began to slip. Perhaps Marxist ideology had made such inroads into American thought by that time that it was comfortable for Marxists to wax Marxist out in public. Everyone (or most people) nowadays, to their own peril, no longer see Marxist ideology as antithetical to American Constitutionalism, or even to the existence of America herself.

The news media, or, as I refer to them, the SLIMC, is of no help to the public here, because the SLIMC is thoroughly Marxist to begin with. Virtually the entire field of professional journalism participates with the Democrat Party in achieving Marxist goals in America, and in the world.

Now that the American economy is spiraling toward the abyss, thanks to Republican professional legislators with John Boehner in the lead, who have “kicked the continuing-resolution debt-ceiling can down the road” again, for what may be the last time, a budget-less, out-of-control, hidden and undocumented Democrat spending binge will now begin, with an anti-American died-in-the-wool Marxist wielding the checkbook.

Those who are ignorant of history are doomed to repeat it. At this point it might be good to recollect how all this latest and greatest threat to American existence bloomed. Look to the right column of this page, and you will see a series of articles in which I gave my opinion on what were original causes. They were all government induced. That includes the housing bubble. The government invented, government controlled and government fed twin economic monsters Fannie May and Freddie Mac are at the root of it all.

They still exist, and they still operate, with the exclusive purpose for being of enabling people to make bad loans, meaning, loans that no private banker in his right mind would make. Enabling bad loans is the sole reason Fannie and Freddie exist and operate. That’s it.

Not just for poor people. It enabled well-off people to get too-large loans they couldn’t really afford, to get bigger houses they couldn’t really afford, because the banker knew, and was told by the government, that he could sell the bad loan to Fannie or Freddie and the U.S. government would back it up with the full faith and credit of the American government. Thus, we encountered easier and easier credit, larger and larger loans, smaller and smaller margins, and a veritable binge of “flipping” in the American real estate market.

But, you see, they were all bad loans to begin with, and bad loans never suddenly become good. They were all loans that never should have been made, and corrupt Marxist legislators like Barney Frank knew it.

Then we had a market spike, and the instant promotion of the flagrant lie of financial institutions in trouble that were “too big to fail” inducing Bush, with Obama, McCain and others in attendance and in full agreement, panicked into signing TARP, precipitating another economic depression. There was unanimous agreement of both political Parties and all political contenders in this disastrous and completely unnecessary panic.

Forget double dip recession. We never got out of the first recession. It has never stopped. There was unanimous agreement of both political Parties and all political contenders in this disastrous and completely unnecessary panic. But here’s the thing: the market goes up, and the market goes down, and what it does on a daily basis is very near meaningless in the long term. Banks or other businesses that are in trouble deserve to be in trouble; if they go into bankruptcy, they deserve to go into bankruptcy. There is no such thing as any bank or any business of any kind that is “too big to fail.” That’s just a flagrant lie. None of us taxpayers owe any support at all to any private enterprise.

All of this has been brewing for a very long time.

So, again, look to the links in the right hand column for how we got to this point. Looking back at history might help get us away from repeating it going forward. And recognize that Marxism, in all its forms, is absolutely incompatible with the American Constitution. There is nothing Marx wrote that is compatible with the American Constitution. Today, the once honorable term Liberal has been overtaken by Marxist ideologues, who call themselves Liberals. But there is no Liberal (i.e., Marxist) principle that is not antagonistic to the American Constitution.

“Redistribution” operates in defiance of the Commandment not to steal.

“Class Warfare” operates in defiance of the Commandment to not covet.

The anti-religion sentiment came out of the Communist Manifesto.

The Equality Stupidity came straight out of the Communist Manifesto.

In pointing out the sins of believers, the Marxist un-believers identify themselves as the true Masters Of Hypocrisy.

“Public” education came out of the Communist Manifesto, and nowhere else.

Organized labor unions came out of the Communist Manifesto, and nowhere else.

A New World Order means the end of the USA.

A Global Village means the end of the USA.

The end of sovereignty means the end of the USA.

Open borders means the end of the USA.

The Communist Manifesto was written by an evil man who loved Machiavelli, and who tempered Machiavelli’s The Ends Justify The Means with Hegel’s Hegelian Dialectic method. Study them. They are all sneaky, underhanded, deceptive stratagems by which someone who is a nobody can get himself established as absolute ruler, brutally killing off even his own carefully recruited and trained agent provocateurs and other “useful idiots” in the process. This is pure evil.

That describes the truth beneath the Communist Manifesto, Marx’s most well known work. To destroy whatever system of government that currently exists, and replace it with an absolute dictatorship.

Anyone who supports any portion of Marxism is thus anti-American.

No Liberal, in the modern sense of the term, can possibly keep an oath of office that swears to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign or domestic. Not honestly. They lie. Their real purpose is to destroy our Constitution. Marxism and our Constitution are absolutely incompatible. Marxism cannot coexist with liberty of individual citizens, and with citizen representation in government.

True Marxists, like Comrade Obama, peace be upon him, seek to replace the existing order, but they will not describe what they will replace it with. They cannot. Marx’s Communism is a silly-assed impossible pipe dream, and they know it. Socialism, as existing and deteriorating in the world today, is a clear path to the impoverishment of nations. If they tell the truth, that they want to be dictator, even at the expense of millions of human lives, they head themselves to prison. Lower down Marxists are not smart enough to even think about it. See the Replacing America page.

Pray for America and for Western Culture, prepare for the worst, hope for the best, and join the Tea Party Movement.

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