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On Glorious Adult Judgmentalism, and Our Disastrous Loss Of It.
June 07, 2014
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On Glorious Adult Judgmentalism, and Our Disastrous Loss Of It.

The desire to "Find Common Ground" precipitates our slow, steady, sure decline into pure evil.

Vic Biorseth, Friday, June 06, 2014
(70th anniversary of D-Day. Bless them all.)

Evil Never Really Compromises. At each compromise with evil, Good takes a step backward. Every single time. That is the one principle all true Men of Principle should never forget. Any supposed "compromise" with evil, at the very least, accommodates evil at the expense of Good.

Never forget that.

History shows how evil Marxists, from Hegel to Alinsky have proved this principle. Marxists have demonstrated how evil advances best against Good, less with the battle axe of Revolution, than with a more gradual advance, step by step, with one little accommodation at a time. Advancement so slow as to be imperceptible. Evil progressively advances because men of good will do not know - they have either forgotten or they never learned - the simple fact that evil never really compromises. Evil never, ever, yields an inch of ground.

Hereinafter I will refer to any attempted compromise with evil as an accommodation, pure and simple, because that is always what it is.

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