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It isn't just Obamacare; we need to kill controlled Health Care.
June 08, 2013
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Kill Controlled Health Care.

Vic Biorseth, Thursday, June 06, 2013

Those of us who can still read, discern and apply critical thinking know all about the clearly and obviously un-Constitutional nature of Obamacare, as legislated, signed and adjudicated into law by our current House, Senate, Presidency and Supreme Court. All of whom, in their oaths of office, swore - falsely, as it turns out - to protect and defend the Constitution. As betrayers of their own oaths, their own Constitution (and therefore their own nation) and the trust of the Constitutionally liberated citizenry to whom they are all ultimately answerable, they (the majority) all need to be impeached from office, at the very least; but that is for another day. So long as cases of impeachment are tried only in the Senate, and so long as the Senate is controlled by the Anti-Constitution Democrat Party, no one is going to impeach anyone.

Elections have consequences.

But the Obamunist Obamanation of Obamacare has less to do with health care than with political and economic power and control. It is the beginning of government herding of an ever-growing, dumbed-down and mentally numbed moron vote, who have been preconditioned to just go along, cooperate with the petty bureaucrats and do as they are directed, with trust. While keeping up with the Kardashians, dancing with the stars, American Idol and Celebrity News, which are deemed to be more important than politics. Since they only access "mainstream" news, if they access any news at all, they aren't even aware of any political problems or scandals.

The Department of Education and the Democrat Party propaganda wing we call the SLIMC have masterfully done their work of not reporting Truth at all while making everything the government does look good, and while demonizing all political opposition. They have become absolute masters of deceit and deception.

But the ground had been prepared for all of this nonsense long before Obamunism came to power. It had been going on for years and years, and no one (or too damned few) was paying appropriate attention to "Third Parties" being inserted between the patient and the doctor. No economic transaction is ever simplified or improved or made more efficient by the inclusion of a Third Party.

All any economic transaction needs is a buyer and a seller. In the instance of a health care transaction, a Third Party would be either:

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