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At this moment in time, most Constitutionalists would love to kill the IRS.
May 24, 2013
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How to Kill the IRS:

Vic Biorseth, Thursday, May 23, 2013

These scandal-filled days, everyone is looking to take the IRS down a peg or two, but when you look at the long history of IRS purely political and highly partisan intrusiveness, belligerence, authoritarianism, aloofness and dictatorial arrogance, you might wonder what took us so long to get so angry. As a simple matter of fact, the IRS behaves no differently than any of the other giant federal bureaucracies spoken of among the many Cut The Spending pages on this site.

They are all the same. They are all heavily populated by union-protected, Marxist-inclined, extreme-Leftist, Democrat-Partisan, petty bureaucrats who are out to pick the bones of Conservatives clean. The only real difference between the IRS and, say, the EPA, or ED, or HUD, etc., etc., etc. is that the IRS is right in our wallets and purses, and more immediately and dramatically affects our daily living of our personal lives.

Bottom line, the IRS is absolutely unnecessary. As are most all of the other extra-Constitutional expensive and gigantic federal bureaucracies that have come into existence since the Woodrow Wilson and FDR beginnings of the first ones.

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