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Lucifer and the CCHD: The Catholic Campaign for Human Development.
November 02, 2012
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Lucifer and the CCHD.

Vic Biorseth, Friday, November 02, 2012

When the angels were created by God, He created them with free will, because God wanted to love them and to be loved by them, and true love is only possible with free will. But free will provides a path to hate aswell as to love. Now Lucifer was the most beautiful and intelligent of the angels, and pleasing to God most high. But Lucifer became enamored of his own beauty and intelligence, and his self-controlled free will, with which he could love, began to be conquered by the sin of pride. He wanted more beauty, more intelligence, more recognition, more of everything, and he lost sight of the source of his own existence, and he sought to make himself higher than God.

Pride always begets greed, and pride always precedes a fall. Un-tempered willful pride turned Lucifer into Satan, and ultimately removed him from heaven, and left him on the earth, walking up and down and back and forth upon it, seeking followers, and seeking the ruin of souls. His willful insistence that he was or could be like unto God, and even above God, was a willful lie; Lucifer had become the devil, and the father of lies. Discernment is required; the first clue is, always, discernment between Truth and un-truth. Many among the fallen will claim the faith of atheism, and state that they believe not in God, and that they believe not in Satan, and that they believe not in any supernatural thing. But the first statement of the atheist – that God does not exist – is, in and of itself, an untruth; thus, the believer in atheism has willfully made himself into a disciple of the father of all lies, whether knowingly or otherwise. He who identifies himself as an atheist has given the first clue. While not solid evidence, it remains an important first clue.

Free will is given to man as a tool to be used to seek, enjoy and love Truth, it is not given to man as a tool with which to allow himself to be tempted and led into untruth. Now, you can be tempted away from Truth from within yourself, via pride, as was Lucifer; and you can be tempted away from Truth via the seductive lie of another, just as the woman in the garden was tempted by the serpent.

We spoke about Machiavelli in the

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