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Government "Economic Stimulus" typifies Marxist Economic Stupidity.
November 06, 2017
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Government "Economic Stimulus" typifies Marxist Economic Stupidity

All of Marxist Economics is just stupid. Not just wrong, but stupidly wrong. Clearly, Marxists never learned simple arithmetic in grade school.

Vic Biorseth, Sunday, November 05, 2017

Think about it.

Where does the government get the money with which to "stimulate" the economy? Answer: from out of the economy.

That makes is a zero-sum game. The government's only source of money is taxes, taken out of the private sector. If the government wants to put money back into the private sector to "stimulate" it, it has to have taken it out in the first place just to have it. If you take a dollar from someone, and then give it back, you have not "stimulated" that someone; you have just made him do without and stand pat for a period of time, and then gave him back his own dollar.

So how did any big-shot Economist who ever recommended any government "Stimulus Package" ever get the reputation of being anything other than stupid?

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