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Absolute Moral Depravity and Our New Marxist Nobility
February 14, 2013
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Absolute Moral Depravity, and Our New Marxist Nobility

The American Revolution Eliminated Nobility; Marxist Moral Depravity brought it back.

We have spoken of our nation's birth and our government's organization as representing the first classless society in world history. We wrote about it in the American Founding Priniciples page, the American Constitutional Principles page and elsewhere in this site. You might say the topic has been hammered. The Founders and the Framers were inspired remove and expunge any sense of any noble class, any royalty, or any ruling class of any sort. Their writings show that they themselves were humbled to their knees by having come up with, designed and agreed to such an organization of government.

All you have to do is read the documents to see that the writers were indeed inspired. The documents themselves are inspirational. The Declaration and the Constitution are, both, among the most uplifting, inspirational and beautiful documents ever produced outside of Holy Scripture. They are rare and delicate objects of beauty, containing clauses, sentences and paragraphs that linger in the mind much as a truly beautiful image lingers in the eye of the mind. They are quick to come to memory because they are beautiful, and because the healthy mind detects, at once, that they are true.

The Founders and the Framers could have done what they were expected to do, and what they had every right to do, which was, to make of themselves a new ruling class. But they didn't do that. Many have said that the design of the American government was brilliant; and indeed it was, and is. But it was also, I believe, inspired by God.

There are two beautiful principles at play here; one near the beginning of the Declaration, and the other at the beginning of the Constitution. Both are being systematically destroyed in the minds of the American citizenry by the advance of Marxist ideology, which always advances best under the banner of falsehood and blatant immorality.

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