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Unavoidable existence of evil and the periodic Necessary War.
October 10, 2014
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Unavoidable existence of evil, and the periodic Necessary War.

So long as evil exists, necessary war will be fought, lest the Church and all "Good" be extinguished from the earth.

Vic Biorseth, OWM; Friday, October 10, 2014

The two most noble professions the young man may choose for his future are the religious order, and the military order. Both involve great sacrifice for a worthy cause. The ordained cleric or vowed religious sacrifices marriage, children, personal wealth and independence, in total commitment to service of the Lord and His Church. That's a lot to give up. The professional warrior leaves home and hearth behind to potentially sacrifice his very life, and his limbs, his physical and mental well-being, for a greater cause. So, what is this greater cause, that might move a man to kill, or to be killed, and even to make a profession of it?

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