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He's not stupid. He's not in over his head. Obama wants World War.
September 05, 2013
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Obama wants World War

Vic Biorseth, Thursday, September 5, 2013

He's not stupid. He's not in over his head. Obama wants World War, and he won't stop until he gets it.

Pay attention:

He's not inept; he's not lost; he's not mistaken; he's not naiive. Obama wants World War. He intends to get it.

Obama is, primarily, a selfist, and a manipulator of others for his own purposes.

He is less a Marxist than a manipulator of Marxists.

He is less a Moslem than a manipulator of Moslems.

He is less a racist than a manipulator of racists.

He is less an anarchist than a manipulator of anarchists.

He is less an organizer, agitator, rioter, demonstrator, etc., than he is a manipulator of all of those types.

He is most certainly not an American, or a lover of America. He is easily the worst enemy America ever had.

All of his programs - not just Obamacare - all of them - are in a shambles, in crash and burn mode, wreaking havoc with the economy, destroying jobs, destroying the value of the dollar, harming energy availability and cost, leading to a giant national train wreck - but, you see, that's what he wants. Causing chaos is job 1 with him.

Cutting defense spending, cutting military numbers, cutting even meals for fighting men in the field, inserting women deeper and deeper into combat units, forcing heterosexual fighting men into extremely close community living with open professed homosexuals, and more - are all intended to:

  1. Destroy unit cohesiveness and unit war fighting effectiveness.
  2. Weaken overall national defense.

Destabilizing and toppling multiple stable non-aggressive Islamic governments unleashed Islamic revolutions allowing more aggressive Islamic governments to arise.

The whole Benghazi affair involved an Obama regime secret operation consorting with Al Queda in Libya to run weapons, including anti-aircraft missiles and who knows what else, to Al Queda in Syria.

He knows Syria and Iran threatened Israel if he fires a shot at Syria. That's what he wants.

He knows he won't come to Israel's aid, and Israel may ultmately be forced to use nuclear weapons in her own defense. That's what he wants.

Think about it. By what standard would you call him a Christian? Certainly not by any program he champions. He's certainly not a Jew. By what standard would you call him an American? Certainly not by his opinion of our Declaration or our Constitution.

The closest set of standards or values you can find in the man would be that he follows MPAV (Marxist Principles And Values), but, as I said, he is more of a selfist than a Marxist.

Comrade Obama, peace be upon him, wants chaos, for out of chaos arises opportunity for the most ruthless survivors. He hates America. If that's not true, he's got a damned funny way of showing it.

Bottom line, Obama wants World War.

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Obama wants World War

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