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What is Dear Leader Comrade Obamahmadinejad up to?
November 03, 2010
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Obamahmadinejad In Exile.

Vic Biorseth, Wednesday, November 03, 2010

What, exactly, is Comrade Obamahmadinejad up to?

Immediately after the 2010 election, he’s going to India, for some unfathomable reason. But this is no mere state visit.

He’s taking Air Force One, Air Force Two, and a fleet of some 40 large jetliners, each carrying hundreds of people. A couple of dismantled Marine Presidential helicopters, the Presidential limo and other vehicles are going along on some large cargo aircraft, to be reassembled and used at the destination. A whole large hotel has been acquired to accommodate the huge Presidential entourage. We are talking over three thousand of people here, and a cost estimated to run two hundred million per day.


To any history buff, this should smack of Medieval Kings leaving their domains with their entire court, considerable treasure, a small army and a huge entourage to form a “Kingdom In Exile” in some allied or hospitable foreign domain. There they would remain, until, by intrigue, subterfuge or inner revolt, or by raising a larger army, they could re-enter the previous domain and re-assume the crown and the power.

While this sort of thing is unheard of since feudal times, it was once quite common. During some periods of Byzantine history there were often multiples of simultaneous claimants to the imperial throne living quite well as “Emperors In Exile” in various places, each intriguing, and alternately allying and warring with each other, and with other rulers. For them, great reward was worth great risk, and they might risk all, including death itself, just for the chance to be Emperor. Politics was a very rewarding and therefore a very dangerous game.

I have a very uneasy feeling about this extremely unusual Presidential trip.

Could he be getting himself safely out of the way of some planned revolution or other catastrophic event involving the freedom and well being of the new majority in Congress? Could it be that something really terrible is planned for the whole country, resulting in utter calamity, social break-down and chaos?

Some of you may think I’ve gone round the bend on this; but I have stated before, in multiple pages on this site, that I consider Comrade Obamahmadinejad to be an old time Marxist revolutionary, of a variety foreign to the typical Marxists in the Democrat Party. America has never known a politician like this one. I liken America’s Barrack Hussein Obama to Russia’s Vladimir Lenin.

Now Lenin was a truly cold-blooded and ruthless “revolutionary” who used Marxism as a tool to get himself into absolute power. He was a political gambler to the point of accepting unfathomable risk; he was a risk-taker at a level most of us could never even begin to understand. To us, the reward would not be worth it; to him, the reward was everything; it was all that he lived for. He would actually prefer to have died than to have failed to capture the ultimate prize.

Consider the fact that, in the vastness of Russia’s teeming population, Lenin never had more than about 15,000 committed followers before he burned his bridges by killing the Czar and his family, including all possible heirs, and thereby eliminating any possibility of turning back. Before the population even knew what was going on, they were effectively rendered leaderless. It was not a revolution; it was a coup. It was a takeover. Lenin was organized; the people were not; Lenin ultimately won. In hindsight, it was an absolutely breathtaking gamble, and it paid off, very handsomely.

In feudal times, when a King or Emperor saw the writing on the wall and decided to get out while the getting was good, and became a ruler-in-exile, he often left behind secret informers, agent-provocateurs, even assassins, revolutionaries and anarchists, who might stir the pot of chaos and thereby eventually provide some avenue or way for the ruler-in-exile to return. That is why I have such an uneasy feeling about this extremely unusual Presidential trip.

It is unprecedented in American history.

Added to that worry is the fact that our current President does not seem to like America, seeks to hurt it, and might be quite happy ruling what’s left of a crumbling American society from somewhere outside, where he might gain control over other lands too. He might not want to come back to Washington – particularly if Washington is radioactive or something.

Marxism carried to the level of a Lenin or an Obama means Godlessness, ruthlessness, full application of the “principle” of The Ends Justify The Means, belief that You Cannot Make An Omelet Without Breaking Eggs, and a firm belief that HBAACOTE any way. For such a man, state terror, gulags, murder, mass-murder and even genocide are acceptable tools for accomplishing any desired end. We are talking about the guiding principles, ethos and moral code typical to BMDFP and Marxists, after all.

I pray that I am wrong about all this, but I remain fearful that I am not. Maybe I am now just a foolish old man. I hope that’s it.

Check the zero on your rifle. Shoot some clays. Take some standing hand-gun shots at 25 yards. Make sure everything is clean and in good working order. Pray the rosary every day; maybe once in the morning and once in the evening. Maybe it wouldn’t kill you to pray another one at lunch time.

Pray for America, and the world.

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