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American Constitutional Originalism, Correctly and Incorrectly Applied
October 18, 2020
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Communist Parasites, in the Church, the Governement and the citizenry.

Finally Recognizing Communist, Homosexual and Islamic Parasites, Eating and Hollowing-Out Their Host-Victims From The Inside.

Vic Biorseth, Sunday, October 18, 2020

It never ceases to amaze most of us how the higher you go in the most elite levels of society, the dumber it seems to get. Or, the most evil. We have long noted how the two biggest parasitic infections in America have been Communism and Homosexualism. And, we have long noted historic and current alliances of Communism and Islam. Cultural-Marxism and Civilization-Jihad are not-so-slowly conquering us; but then, so is Homosexualism, and most everyone is just going along with it.

So many of us fail to see these three anti-American and anti-Christian organisms as directed geopolitical movements, but only as ideas, ideals, philosophies or preferences, three among the many, and thus, harmless to souls, harmless to society and harmless to mankind.

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