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In Praise of Trump's Patriotism, Nationalism and Populism
July 06, 2018
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In Praise of Trump's Patriotism, Nationalism and Populism

To oppose Nationalism is to oppose America. To oppose Populism is to oppose Representative Government. To oppose Patriotism in a nation worthy of Patriotism is Stupid.

Vic Biorseth, Friday, July 06, 2018

When the anti-Nationalists oppose Nationalism, they thereby oppose America, because America happens to be a Nation.

When the anti-Populists oppose Populism, they thereby oppose all Representative Government and the People's ability to Vote and to have any voice in their own governance.

"Hitler was a Nationalist, and a Populist" is the truly stupid argument against Nationalism and Populism. So what? So was every American President, until Comrade Obama, peace be upon him. Well, and Maybe Clinton. And maybe Cater. And maybe a few others.

It's a certainty that America's most notable Presidents, like George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, were Nationalists and Populists.

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