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Is Barrack Obama Communism's "Planted President" of the USA?
January 08, 2017
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Is Barrack Obama Communism's "Planted President" of the USA?

Way back in 1992 a KGB agent let the cat out of the bag, identifying Comrade Obama as Communism's "cradled" and carefully groomed USA President. Can this be true?

Vic Biorseth, Sunday, January 08, 2017

If this story holds water, and so far it doesn't exhibit any leaks, then it proves that Russian KGB agents, too, can be IYI19 elitists, undone by the hubris of elitist unfounded certainty of themselves and of their subject.

As background, let us here refresh our memories regarding the addition of subterfuge, psychological trickery and slow subversion of American culture to the original incitement to violent revolution strategy of Marxism, aimed at the conquest of America. All with the willing assistance of infiltrated, converted and fooled American citizens.

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