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Presenting America's new rulers: The Political Parties.
January 05, 2016
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Presenting America's new rulers: The Political Parties.

The Constitution is now dead. What we have in its place is government of the people by the Parties for the Parties.

Vic Biorseth, Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Actually, what we have at this particular moment in American history is a true Dictatorship still pretending, for the public, to be a Constitutional Republic. The Dictator of the moment is Comrade Obama, peace be upon him, ruling through a proxy government controlled by his Parties. One Party is his cheering section, and the other Party dutifully acts in "Bipartisan Cooperation" to get things done that he wants to be done. They may as well not even be there, except for political appearances. All of their public bloviating is just for show. They always do his will.

Over many decades the increasingly powerful Political Parties, unconstitutional entities that they are, have created a giant pyramid of unconstitutional Soviets - Administrative Bureaucracies - to legislate (regulate) for the Legislative Branch, and to Enforce for the Executive Branch, with the full approval of the Political Party-owned Supreme Court. Our Soviets now "Administer" us, saving Congress from legislating very much, saving the President from having to enforce very much, so they all have more time for politics, vacations, golf, entertainment, fund raising and getting very, very rich.

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