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Political Parties: Redirecting allegiance away from the nation.
November 28, 2014
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Political Parties: Redirecting allegiance away from the nation.

Political Parties demand first obedience to the Party, not to the Constitution, slowly poisoning the nation.

Vic Biorseth, Friday, November 28, 2014

George Washington's Farewell Address, which was actually a letter from him to the American People, warned against the formation of Political Parties in exceptionally strong terms. The dangers he warned about have grown up and are clear and evident in the whole nation's loss of recognition of the gigantic, vitally important ideas behind the Declaration and the Constitution.

All we see is Party Politics. We are distracted from total reality.

In Washington's day, Parties were already beginning to form up, in loose confederations of "factions" with differing agendas. Two major factions already at odds with each other were the Planters, who needed their slaves, and the Abolitionists, who favored morality over slavery. These fledgling political factions would coalesce into the Democrat and Republican Parties.

Washington foresaw political Party factionalism, and Party distractions from the true national interest.

First, he warned of regional representation by political Party, which was exactly what came to be, with Democrats representing the South, and Republicans representing the North. Washington saw this as a danger, because our citizen political interests were supposed to be divided only between local, state and union.

Region added a whole new political dimension, outside the design of the nation, not addressed int the Constitution, which could only tear at the Constitutional fabric of the nation. But that's not all he warned about.

He went on to warn about ever increasing factionalism, over anything at all. Political Parties become "laws" unto themselves. Based on anything at all.

Look around.

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