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Explaining Purgatory to a Protestant.
February 11, 2016
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Explaining Purgatory to a Protestant.

Being "Saved" is not enough to finally see the face of God; you also have to ascend to actual Holiness, first.

Vic Biorseth, Wednesday, February 10, 2016

These days a lot of new WebPages are inspired by discussions with people I meet in my day to day activities, as I am out and about. Wearing a big Crucifix entices some people to admire or ask about it, and occasionally get into deeper conversation. When the conversation gets into my faith, I love it, but, I'm not the world's best Catholic apologist.

I know my faith, but I'm more of a typical Catholic layman, in that, I may be able to quote you a whole lot of verses from the Bible, but I cannot necessarily tell you the book, chapter and verse where they may be found. Even when I have a Bible present, I fumble around trying to find what I'm looking for. Most Protestants, at least the ones I talk to, seem to have it all memorized.

Well, I just can't do that. I'm old, you know. They say the first three things to go are your memory, and - I forget the other two.

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