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Refuting Darwin and Dawinian “science” as bunk and silliness.
October 01, 2011
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Refuting Darwin.

Vic Biorseth, Saturday, October 01, 2011

(Refuting Darwin is another right-column gathering of material, this time refuting what Darwin hypothesized about the origin of species and natural evolution. Look to the article links in the right column on this page for the nitty-gritty details.)

Refuting Darwin is indeed almost too easy. The theories of Charles Darwin involved The Origin Of Species and The Ascent Of Man. But Charles Darwin never even observed the beginning point of any species, including man; and, in point of fact, neither did anyone else. Nor does the gigantic fossil record provide any empirical evidence showing any species evolving or in any way becoming another species.

It may be for these reasons that Darwin continued to work on his theory for some twenty years before he published it for peer review. However, when a scientist named Alfred Russel Wallace sent Darwin an outline of a near identical theory, Darwin was then moved to publish in order to be first with the theory. Open competition lit the fire.

But the bottom line here is that there was no evidence supporting the theory then, and there is no evidence supporting the theory today. Everything Charles Darwin ever observed and recorded related to what is known as micro evolution, meaning, changes strictly within known species. Changes in color, fur, finch-beaks, more wooly or less wooly coats on sheep, breeds of dog, breeds of cattle, etc., etc., etc. But what Darwin theorized about was what is known as macro evolution, meaning, species evolving into completely other species. The new species would be a clearly identifiable species when it could reproduce itself, but could no longer reproduce with the parent species.

And that – macro evolution – has never been observed, by Darwin, by Wallace, or by anyone, in all of recorded history. Nor does the fossil record show any such occurrence. Look to the right-column links on this webpage, and begin with the first one; it will show you that no real science has ever even been applied to this theory. That should be a rather stunning statement today, to everyone with an elementary education. Nevertheless, it is true.

Modern forensic scientists have shown that Neanderthals, supposedly extinct, are represented in the human population today, indicating that the Neanderthal was/is merely a breed (race) of man, and not another species at all. All of Darwin’s famous finches remained finches; all of his sheep remained sheep; nothing he ever observed ever became another species. The simple fact that many species in the Galapagos Islands appeared to be unique to the Galapagos Islands proved nothing whatsoever regarding the theory of evolution of species. Every single thing Darwin observed was related to micro evolution, and not macro evolution. He only theorized about macro evolution.

Nevertheless, Darwin’s theory took off like wildfire, was argued and debated in intellectual circles, and became another elitist fad; in the end, and in rather short order, Darwinian theory won the battle of pure opinion and rhetoric among “scientists” and was elevated to the rather lofty level of a recognized Scientific Theory, instead of what it actually was, which was an unsubstantiated hypothesis. Again, look to the first link in the right hand column of this page to see how the scientific method was not applied, and indeed was avoided in this entire process.

Today, the religion or faith-based belief system of Darwinism holds sway in all classrooms and in all areas of biology in virtually every corner of the earth. The reason Darwinism stands so strong, whether it was the original intention or not, is that Darwinism, if true, provides a purely materialistic answer for life, and thus provides a “scientific” support for atheism. And that, I submit, is the real reason for the truly belligerent support of so many of TTRSTF. If Darwinism falls, the strongest (and perhaps only) support for atheism falls, and with it other atheist-based theories, such as Freudianism, Marxism, etc.

So, we have before us the proponents of the original GESGEAEOT or fundamentalist denomination of Darwinism, bitterly arguing with the newer, more evangelical PEWAG denomination of Darwinism, with no clear winner yet. But, both denominations agree that Darwinism itself is true, somehow. If Darwinism itself is not true, then nothing in biology makes sense any more. See?

And who’s fault will that be?

To prevent any unraveling of the Darwiniam dogmas, we now see the high priest (or pope) of TTRSTF, Richard Dawkins, leaving the defense of Darwinian dogma to others while he attacks theism itself, in order to advance atheism. And that, dear reader is really what this argument is about.

But, if you remember, the theism vs. atheism debate is not what the Origin Of Species theory is supposed to be about.

Look to the right column links, and there you will find his eminence, the High and Immaculate Richard Dawkins, and his adoring retinue of groupie-scientists. I have likened them to the little bobble-headed dolls you used to see on the dash-boards and in the back windows of cars, with their little heads bobbing, bobbling and nodding in response to the movements of the car.

They are the near opposite of their own view of themselves and of each other. They are unsophisticated, unthinking silly twits. They don’t think; they don’t do real science; they just nod and bobble in unison, on queue. Consensus, rather than science, rules them.

Beam me up Scotty; there’s no science down here.

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