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Refuting Free Love: the whole 60’s era of Make Love Not War & Sexual Revolution.
October 13, 2011
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Refuting Free Love.

Vic Biorseth, Thursday, October 13, 2011

(Refuting Free Love is a collection of right-hand-column linked articles related to the subject at hand. This is to refute the whole so-called sexual revolution and the ideas of “free” sexuality – it loses souls, degrades man and destroys society.)

Turning away from God. It always begins the same way; it always ends the same way. When man turns away from God, nothing good comes of it, unless and until he turns back. It always ends badly. Making oneself “free” of God always winds up involving a return to the ways of Sodom and Gomorrah, just as the dog returns to his own vomit.

The Sexual Revolution of the 60s was just another manifestation of the “Enlightenment” thinking that pretended to be a freeing of the mind from ancient superstitions and old taboos. It was the only part of the 60s and 70s Marxist revolution in America that succeeded, or at least that succeeded above ground; the rest of the Marxist revolution, defeated for the time being, went back underground, or at least became more quiet, and began biding its time and rebuilding itself, mostly in academia.

But the Make Love, Not War part of it not only survived, but grew, and spread. It destroyed a lot of souls and led a major portion of the younger participants into sexual slavery of some sort, under the banner of Free Love. They thought they were being freed from something. But all the various practices they began to participate in have an addictive element to them, and a malicious psychological twisting of the rational mind. It moves man away from common sense and the ability to tell simple right from wrong. Remember when the “Sit-Ins” became “Love-Ins”? Remember Woodstock?

In this not-so-small part of that revolution, the revolutionaries didn’t really know what the whole revolution was about; for them, it just became a wild party involving drugs, booze and sex. It was a pure pleasure binge, nothing more and nothing less. There was an anti-war – pacifist element to it, in which massive numbers of young minds had been mal-educated into believing that America was somehow the aggressor nation in the Vietnam War. So, they would wave anti-war banners for awhile, and then screw for awhile, and then smoke dope for awhile.

Look to the linked articles in the right hand column of this page for how all this “freedom” came to be accepted in a Christian nation. Today, in the so-called “Occupy Wall Street” demonstrations, once again we can clearly see that most of the “useful idiot” revolutionaries are clueless about what they are even doing there, except for those who are paid to be there. And, of course, except for the professional Marxist revolutionaries, anarchists and terrorists scattered in among them. It’s happening all over again.

God help us.

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Refuting Free Love.

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