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Refuting Freud and all his works: psychoanalysis; repressed memory; sexology.
October 06, 2011
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Refuting Freud.

Vic Biorseth, Thursday, October 06, 2011

(This Refuting Freud page is another third-column gathering of linked articles treating a particular subject. Again, the scientific method was never applied to another universally accepted theory. Look to the articles linked to in the right hand column of this webpage for the details.)

We saw, in Refuting Darwin, how general acceptance of Darwinian Theory moved Western man from theistic (and therefore theistically moral) belief in the direction of atheistic (and therefore amoral) belief. The observable results have been negative for society.

We saw, in Refuting Marx, how general indoctrination of Marxian theory moved Western man from natural free markets and natural individual liberty in the direction of planned economies and controlled societies.

In this page, Refuting Freud, we see how general acceptance of Freudian theory moved Western man from recognition of sexual norms and a sense of chastity and sexual decency in the direction of sexual license, acceptance of perversion and total “sexual liberation.” Further, Freudian theory moves us to the opposite of the recognition of sin and associated guilt, to “losing inhibitions” and “feeling good” about ourselves, no matter what we do.

Of the three greatest frauds of Western thought, Darwin, Freud and Marx, it is difficult to say which of the three has done the most damage to Western man’s sense of morality – his ability to tell simple right from wrong. I submit that a fixed sense of morality is the foundation of what we all know as simple common sense. When a common social sense of morality declines, society itself begins an inexorable drift into nonsense.

  1. Darwinism – while it may not have been Darwin’s intent – moves man away from belief in God and thus toward an open, random orientation.
  2. Freudianism moves man away from “guilt” and “inhibitions” to a self-centered sense of well being and self-esteem. This necessarily means opposition to the religious ideas of sin, vice vs. virtue, etc.
  3. Marxism – and it was indeed Marx’s intent – moves man away from actual liberty and toward actual total subservience to a new ruler, or death.

I have held from the beginning that Darwinism and Freudianism “feed” Marxism; they are preparatory ideologies that set the stage for man’s dissatisfaction with everything around him, and soften him to the idea of revolution against the status quo. Whenever man moves, or is moved, to the center of creation, man seeks to make creation “perfect.” Perfection is not of this world, but the next; however, modern man – sophisticated, enlightened and atheist – does not believe in the next world. To him, this world is all there is, and it is his assumed responsibility to make it perfect; to remake it in a new image.

This is, of course, nonsense.

Yet today we see highly educated and supposedly intelligent men actually seeking to legislate or regulate the weather and the climate, with lots of world-wide popular support for that effort. What can I say? What more needs to be said? This is not stewardship; this is very near insanity.

Freud’s wild theories involving the sub-conscious mind, repressed memory and deep psycho-analysis are, of course, not substantiated, not proven, not tested and not even observed. As you can see from the very first article linked to in the right hand column of this webpage, it is quite impossible to even observe all of these phenomena, let alone test them or prove them. It’s all cooked up out of thin air. Freud might just as well have been wearing a turban and gazing into a crystal ball.

Yet today you probably cannot throw a rock without hitting a celebrity, a high ranking official, a friend, acquaintance or fellow worker who has not undergone Freudian psycho-analysis, raves on and on about it, and is convinced that everyone ought to undergo psycho-analysis, because you learn so very much about yourself that you didn’t know. They have learned and can spout all the psycho-babble terminology and jargon, and they feel uplifted, and released from their former selves. Again, what can I say?

Freud was a drug abuser who was increasingly obsessed with topics sexual. He sexually abused his own clients on the psycho-analytical couch. He proved that he could induce in his “patients” solid memories of events that he knew had never occurred. He actually recorded this malpractice himself.

The term psycho-therapy involves getting your conscious mind in touch with its subconscious counterpart by digging to expose repressed memories to the light of day and make the conscious mind aware of them. See?

Freud is the most quoted and best known name in psychiatry and Freudian theory is the most accepted in the field today. Jung, and Jungian theory, comes in second. Carl Jung was a disciple of Freud, and they corresponded for years. Jung, too, sexually exploited his patients. Jung was a Gnostic, a weird spiritualist, who thought he could “channel” hidden mysteries from another Gnostic from circa 120 AD. Original Freudian theory involved the sub-conscious mind; Jung expanded on that, with full knowledge and encouragement from Freud, into the theory of the collective sub-conscious. In this theory, the “mind” is not constrained by the physical boundaries of the brain, but is just sort of floating around in space. Thus, it is possible to detect and work with a collection of these ephemeral subconscious minds, all at the same time. See?

The many subconscious minds that are floating around us at any point in time include those of the long dead, which is how Jung got in contact with his ancient Gnostic “mind” from circa 120 AD, and that revealed ancient hidden mysteries to him alone. See?

Remember, though, that what all psycho-analysts work with is the sub-conscious mind, whether individual or collective; that means it’s the mind that you (or anyone else) are not consciously aware of. See?

This is the absolute crap that the famous and popular Meyers Briggs Personality Test is based on. Jung took Freudianism into the realm of psycho-kinetics and magic tricks, and both Freud and Jung delved deeply into hypnosis, and into dream analysis, again, probably because they didn’t know how to properly deal with any conscious mind.

Then, of course, we had the input of Alfred Charles Kinsey to update Freudianism with the invention of sexology. (Yeah, now we have sexologists to tell us how to live, find happiness and be healthy.) This guy was a twisted sexual pervert, a pedophile and a complete fraud. His “science” was so bad that Freudianism should be renamed Fraudianism. I invite you to read the articles linked to in the right hand column to read the details. Kinsey had one, big, giant long-lasting group sex party at Indiana University and called it scientific research. This “research” actually involved sexual abuse of little children, including even infants. All of the “researchers,” including Kinsey, were actual, active participants in the many and wildly varied sexual activities being “studied.” That’s the way they do science at Indiana University.

Freudian theory today is one of the darlings of upper academia. Freudian theory, like Darwinian theory, and like Marxian theory, is championed all over the world by thundering herds of TTRSTF who populate the ranks of medicine, especially psychological medicine. In the academic world, whole programs are designed around it; you can get advanced degrees in it, and you can be taught by thundering herds of TTRSPTF. It enjoys seemingly unanimous support in the news media, of all things, and if you look for them, whether in print or electronic media, you will find many examples of TTRSJTF actually practicing psycho-therapy while reporting the news.

I’m not kidding. Watch and see. Any time any “traumatic” event happens, you will see a TV journalist approaching a potentially traumatized child or other victim who witnessed the traumatic event, pausing, with a super-serious, oh so concerned facial expression, furrowing the brow, and asking, very slowly,

How do you feel about that?
before passing the microphone. The unspoken, but universally understood psycho-analytical “fact” at play here says that, when any bad thing happens, if the victim or witness doesn’t immediately address it and speak of it and emote about it, why then, it might become a repressed memory from which some future horrible psychosis might erupt. See?

All of that should make us wonder how the pilgrims, or the founders, or the pioneers, or the civil-warriors, etc., ever managed to survive to any ripe old age in the absence of psycho-therapy and the psycho-analyst’s couch. You would think that anyone who witnessed a family member being scalped, and who then didn’t get immediate psycho-therapy, would soon have been anxious to move to banana city to search for coconuts with which to build windmills.

Darwinian theory contributed mightily to the devolution of science into what Hayek called Scientism. Freudian theory contributed mightily to making men into wimps, and to promoting free sex, and sexual immorality in all its many, many forms. Marxian theory, fraudulent in itself, was able to capitalize on both the frauds born of Darwinian-fed scientism, and the fundamental immorality born of Freudianism.

How do you feel about yourself? is the question Freudianism asks of you. Not what kind of person you actually are, but how you feel about yourself. That comes first. Self comes first. Freudianism says that that comes before even what anyone or everyone else thinks about you. You have become an island.

The American Psychiatric Association (APA), steeped in Freudianism, “cured” homosexuality by simply removing it from their Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) in which it had been long listed as a Sociopathic Personality Disorder. It was removed from this classification because it was now deemed to be problematic only if the homosexual “felt” it was problematic. If the homosexual wasn’t troubled by his homosexuality, then, there was no disorder. See? The APA had cured homosexuality! Drinks and cigars all around.

Now they want to do the same thing with pedophilia. If the sexual child predator doesn’t feel that he has a problem, then, he doesn’t really have a problem. See? Who cares what any victim or any parent of any victim might think about it; the important thing is how the patient feels about himself. See?

What can I say? Freudianism is nuts.

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