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Another right-column gathering of material, this time refuting Marxist theory.
September 10, 2011
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Refuting Marx.

Vic Biorseth, Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Another right-column gathering of material, this time refuting Marxist theory. Look to the article links in the right column on this page for the details.

Refuting Marx is so easy it’s embarrassing; it’s like taking candy from a baby. I am still amazed at how many distinguished academics, journalists, economists, philosophers, scientists, professionals of all variety, and highly educated, upper-class citizens have bought into Marx’s theories, and done so uncritically. From the original writing of the Communist Manifesto in 1848, until today, Marxism has swept into the consciousness of the intellectual elites in an overwhelmingly positive way. Critical-thinkers, who have rejected or refuted Marx, in whole or in part, always seem to be outnumbered by their peers.

There are even strong conservatives who strongly hold some part of Marxian theory to be of some value to man in a free society.

Here’s the most interesting thing about it: The supporters of Marx, for the most part, missed the real intent of Marx completely. They argue in support of his economic theory, or his philosophy, or his rewriting of history, or his identification of the classes of society, or his exposure of exploitation of the proletariat by the bourgeoisie, or his opposition to private property and authority, or his “moral” stand on egalitarianism, or his intent to have scientists take over religion, or his drive toward internationalism and the end of nations, or his utopian Communist dream, etc., etc., etc. But none of that was what Marx was about; all of that was just cover, and recruitment aids for the digestion of future useful idiots who would support his cause.

To understand Marx, you have to study what he studied, and that would be Machiavelli, and Hegel. Marxism, in a nutshell, is a Machiavellian scheme, modified by the Hegelian Dialectic, by which someone may take control of society by use of disinformation, propaganda, chaos, disorder, deceit and treachery. It is a plan of use to any would-be ascendant dictator. It is the only form of Marxism that has been proven effective, that has been tested in the real world, and that has worked. Marxism is a super-psychological mind game, intended to fool masses of people by having them concentrate on the left hand while the right hand is preparing to enslave them.

As you can see by the articles linked in the right column of this page, everything else Marx wrote is an abysmal failure. His economics are fatally flawed. His “philosophy” is a joke. His history is nothing but an opinionated fabrication to suite the purposes of a rigid ideologue. Marxist history is nothing but a polemic against the status quo, an inducement to class warfare and a recruitment tool for future agent provocateurs and useful idiots. His Communism, as he described it, has never and cannot possibly ever exist, because it is quite obviously an impossible and ridiculous pipe-dream. His stepping-stone Socialism, or dictatorship of the proletariat, similarly has never existed. All the variants of “Democratic Socialism” or “Socialist Democracies” that ever came into being by other means have cruised or are cruising straight into economic collapse; no variety of Socialism yet developed can work for very long before going into economic failure mode. This, of course, would make Marx, and some potential future dictator, very happy.

Because what it’s really all about is Taking Control, which necessarily means, reducing individual liberty.

Niccolo Machiavelli (1469 – 1527) of the city-state of Florence in present day Italy is widely credited with being the father of the maxim “The Ends Justify The Means.” At the time, in thoroughly Roman Catholic Western Civilization, that maxim was almost universally recognized as pure evil; the ends, whatever they may be and however noble they may be, do not always justify any and all means to attain them. That was then; this is now.

Machiavelli’s best known work was The Prince, which made the leap from an ideological description of a political system, to an actual concrete plan or manual describing the mechanics of how to establish such a political system in the real world. And his plan included deep deceit, treachery and brute force.

The question The Prince answered so brutally was this: How does a not-ruling prince manage to depose the current ruling prince and replace him, thus becoming the ruler himself? And the answer?

  1. Recruit spies, or agent provocateurs with promises of great reward, and send them out to secretly infiltrate the various strata of the populace and of commerce and of government.
  2. Have the agent provocateurs stir up trouble and animosity toward the ruling prince, demonizing the government and the status quo.
  3. Have the agent provocateurs incite the people to riot, utter chaos and disorder, and open revolt against the sitting government, in many places within the domain.
  4. The “New Prince” then rides in with his large organized army to restore order. As the only large organized force wherever his is, his is victorious everywhere he goes, since the forces of the “Old Prince” are scattered in many places putting out many fires.
  5. Restore order by killing all who riot and revolt, including even his own agent provocateurs, to the loud acclaims of the terrorized citizenry, bankers and merchants, who see order and safety to be the highest need of the moment.
  6. Ascend the throne, displacing the Old Prince, to the cheers of the masses.

At the time of publication, The Prince was universally seen to be an evil work by an evil man, and it eventually proved the downfall of Machiavelli, who was almost universally rejected and isolated by society. Then, The Ends Justify The Means was seen as evil. Today, it is regularly used in American politics by Democrats and Republicans. Machiavelli is held in some circles to be the father of political science. Today, the maxim The Ends Justify The Means has virtually permeated society to the degree that you see it everywhere. Turn on any TV game show, and you will see it on display. The new genre called Reality TV is particularly evil in this regard. There you may see someone eating a live cockroach, for money, or for fame, or for something or other. This is an absolute reduction in human dignity on display before the cameras, for some small, pitiful reason. Perhaps just to prove that the performer is willing to do whatever it takes to – what? Just to gross the rest of us out?

I ask you to meditate a moment on whether any conceivable end at all justifies any and all means that may be used to achieve it.

Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel (1770 – 1831) was a German philosopher who developed the concept of Absolute Idealism, and the concept the human mind holds sets of contradictions that it automatically finds ways to resolve without eliminating either pole in any contradiction. His speculative logic, or Dialectic, is a method of conscious logic that follows his theorized automatic path to resolutions.

Two contradictory schools of Hegelian thought interpreted his writing in different ways. The conservative school interpreted Hegel as being an orthodox Protestant by religion, and a post-Napoleonic conservative by politics. The Left school interpreted Hegel as being an atheist by religion, and a Revolutionary by politics.

The Hegelian Dialectic was seized upon by Karl Marx, and others, to provide a path to political power. It is usually depicted as a shrinking triangle, with the base angles labeled thesis and anti-thesis, and the remaining angle labeled synthesis. It may also be depicted as a one-dimensional flat line, with one end labeled thesis, the other labeled anti-thesis and some point in the line labeled synthesis. The object of the exercise is to move thesis – that which is desired – closer to antithesis –that which opposes what is desired – through a program of negotiated or compromised synthesis positions.

Change the label thesis to dictatorship.

Change the label anti-thesis to free Republic.

Change the label synthesis to crisis.

Crisis may take any of many forms. A natural or an artificially induced banking crisis may induce the populace and the sitting government to enact restrictive laws and regulations restricting the normal operation of the banking transaction. This cannot be accomplished without a commensurate migration of power from the people to the government. Once the crisis is “resolved”, the syntheis position becomes the new thesis position, and the process begins again. Note that thesis and anti-thesis are now closer together, as a beginning point.

Find or induce another “crisis” and begin again, each time coming closer and closer to anti-thesis. A crisis may be anything that will either frighten the people or greatly arouse their sympathy. It may be anything from a newly discovered “endangered species”, to a hoax like global warming, to childhood obesity statistics, to a crime problem, to a pending large business failure, to anything at all. The idea is to put it out there, and then induce legislation or regulation by which government solves the problem, and grows. Power migrates again from the people to the government, and the people don’t even notice. But the federal government is involving itself in more and more activities outside the Constitution that have nothing to do with governing in accordance with the Constitution.

Eventually, the government might tightly control every aspect of citizen life.

The potential violence of Marxism must be recognized as the primary threat, because Marxism, as an atheistic system, is completely amoral, and what it seeks in the end is the seizure of power via the mode of violent revolution. Everything else is window dressing. Everything else is just preparatory. Absolute dictatorship is always the ultimate goal.

There are “kinder-gentler” Marxists who would take in nibbles over decades or even centuries what the all-out revolutionaries would prefer to take in one bloody onslaught. There are more violent Marxists who would prefer the path of anarchy to provide the excuse to “restore order” ala Machiavelli. And, there are the Marxists who sit back and egg-on all the other varieties of Marxists to do all of the above just to see stability decrease and chaos increase everywhere, and await the most opportune moment to take best advantage of it all. Of course, there are masses that comprise the Useful Idiot Marxists who are stupid enough to actually believe the Communist Ideal, and that Property Is Theft, or that Business Is Evil, and Big Business Is More evil, and “Big Oil” and “Big Banks” and “Big Defense” is demonic, and that wealth is fixed forever, and all other such nonsense. All of them are dangerous to liberty.

We look at the global fires that have been lit in Europe, in the Middle East, in Africa, all around the Mediterranean, and we think we’re seeing something new. Comrade Obama, peace be upon him, actually encouraged it, and American Democrats and Journalists actually spoke of how they wished something like that might happen here in America. It is spoken of in glowing terms as a “Springtime of Democracy” and an “Arab Spring.” But it has all happened before – we just don’t remember very well. There is nothing new under the sun.

The same sort of thing happened in 1848, shortly after the February publication of the Communist Manifesto by Marx and Engels. They called it the “Springtime of the Workers,” and the “Springtime of the Peoples,” and the “Springtime of Revolution.” Some 50 different nations went up in flames in violent, bloody revolution that year. None of them succeeded; all were put down by government and citizen reaction within about a year. But it showed what is possible with mere revolutionary rhetoric that is as well written as the manifesto. Marxism didn’t die there – it never dies; it just went partially underground, and that part that remained visible disguised itself as something other than violent and revolutionary.

Many thought Marxism died, or was severely wounded, in the cold war; not so. Marxism thrives, and it seems to be doing better here in America than in many so-called Communist lands, where it is seen as less popular than here. During the period of the cold war, the threat was primarily military, as we faced enemy armed forces with vastly superior numbers, and the actual threat of nuclear annihilation.

It was the very costly yet worthwhile American effort to render long range nuclear missiles obsolete, called Star Wars under the Reagan administration, that brought the whole thing to a head. The Soviet Union broke itself, economically, trying to keep up with or get ahead of that technology. In the end, they couldn’t afford to pay a soldier, maintain a missile or even fix a flat. They experienced total economic collapse. But Marxism didn’t die there, either.

Today, the most serious Marxist threat to America comes from within America. The most serious Marxist threat to the larger world lies in the fact that Marxism and Islam are linking up again as they did in World War II, this time to cooperate in the destabilization of nations. They deserve each other. Marxists now operate as brothers-in-arms with their own future murderers, and Moslems now operate as brothers-in-arms with their own future murderers, in order to accomplish a short-term goal of wide-spread chaos, disorder and opportunity. Neither seems to care at the moment that they will end up killing and being killed by each other.

For them, your see, the ends justify the means. Always.

I submit that, that flat out amorality is Marxism’s weak point, and it is why Marxism will ultimately fail.

The focal point is Liberty. The one thing Marxism (and Islam) seeks to and needs to destroy in order to reign here is the liberty of the individual. Neither Marxism nor Islam can ever reign wherever man still enjoys liberty.

God is the author of liberty. He gave us, and the angels, free will in order that we might love Him in return. (There is and can be no real love in the absence of free will and liberty.) Lucifer was the first to use liberty inappropriately, not love God, and develop evil. Through the temptation of the serpent, man is fallen, and no longer perfect. Nothing – no object and no system – that man makes can ever be perfect, because man himself is imperfect. Perfection is not of this world, but the next.

Believing Jews and Christians seek a return to grace by their own free will, to serve God in this life the best they can, and to align their will with the will of God. We live our lives in accordance with the very Judao-Christian Ethos of Western Civilization that was so despised by of Karl Marx.

Liberty is enshrined in the American founding document, the Declaration of Independence, as an absolute citizen right, as a reason for the very existence of this nation, and as a purpose for the establishment of the American government.

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. We take them for granted; we haven’t thought about them enough. Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness means the ability to act, within moral norms and within representative law, in our own self interest, to improve our own condition and to prosper by our own efforts. These rights form the very reason for our national existence. The Declaration tells us that when these basic rights are threatened by government, we need to throw off that government to reestablish them again.

Plenty of Democrats, some Republicans and at least one Obama-appointed Supreme Court Justice falsely claim that the Declaration of Independence has no real standing in law, as does the Constitution, and therefore that we have no such rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Imagine that. You have no legal right to continue to live; you have no legal right to make any decision for yourself; you have no legal right to prosper by the work of your own hands; you have no legal right to improve your own living condition in any way. That is what the Democrats would have you believe. It is time to throw the Democrats off and reestablish the government.

Liberty and Capitalism. Despite what Marxism has to say about it, Capitalism is not a “system” contrived by man. It does not operate by any human plan or control mechanism. Capitalism springs from Liberty. Adam Smith, in his Wealth of Nations, did not invent Capitalism – he described Capitalism, and perhaps defined it better and in more detail than any definition before or since. The Free Market just comes from societies of men who are free to act in their own self interest. The free and open marketplace is Capitalism.

Capitalism is natural; Marxism is unnatural, and it must be forced. Capitalism just happens when natural rights are not unduly interfered with by man. Even the mildest form of interference, as in a slight indulgence of Keynesian economics, does injury to the free operation of the free market, for it is no longer free when any part of it is controlled.

There are two ways to injure the free market – i.e., Capitalism – and they are:

  1. Restricting human liberty in any way adversely affects the free economy.
  2. Planning or controlling any part of the free market not only adversely affects the freedom of the market, but it also adversely restricts human liberty.
Thus Capitalism and Liberty are two co-dependent things that exist in a symbiotic relationship. History has proved that the more freedom the citizenry of a nation enjoys, the more wealth that nation produces, and the wealthier that nation becomes. Conversely, the more liberty is restricted the more impoverished the people and the nation becomes. That’s just the way it is, the way it has always been and the way it will always be.

Marxism presents a direct opposition to both the liberty of man, and to the free and open market place. Marxism seeks to control every aspect of the market, and Marxism seeks to control man. Collectivization and liberty are opposites. Redistribution and liberty are opposites. Equality in possessions and liberty are opposites. Marxism and liberty are opposites.

A matter of right vs. wrong. We are a Christian people who guide our lives by the Judao-Christian Ethos of Western Civilization. We therefore hold to a common sense what’s right and what’s wrong, and that common ethos is what we use when we, or our representatives, develop our civil law. But Marxists don’t hold to that ethos; what they hold to is alien to America, and alien to Western Civilization. It is not only alien, but antagonistic and hostile to our common Western Culture ethos.

The reason is that Marxists are, first and foremost, atheists, who deny God and the very idea of sacredness. Atheists hold nothing whatsoever to be sacred. They recognize no Commandments or immutable laws, or any external authority to which they owe any obedience. Marxists have an entirely different set of principles and values, which I have elsewhere described as MPAV by which they guide themselves.

Bishop Sheen noted that, people think that when someone stops believing in God that he will believe in nothing. This is not true. When someone stops believing in God, he will believe in anything. He was right. Look around. You will see atheists hugging trees, getting gushy over whales, getting all teary-eyed over our precious resources, getting into astrology and all sorts of silliness. And, of course, their sense of morality loses all purpose and meaning.

Atheists see everything, including themselves, as mere products of a great cosmic accident. There are no eternal rewards or punishments for them; they see this life as all there is, and so they are quite willing to “go for the gusto.” They have no real purpose for being; there is no point to their own existence. All you have to do is look at the various planks in the Democrat Party platform to see the blatant immorality, as you and I see it, of Marxism. The Marxist “ethos,” if you can call it that, is the ethos of BMDFP and Democrats. They seek to gather with every contemptible and disgusting “outcast” group, and support them and give them comfort, and build them up, and grant them special rights, in the hope of increasing the number of future “useful idiot” revolutionaries who might help to one day topple the existing system.

It is always amusing to see an atheist-Marxist like Nancy Pelosi trying to wax religious for political reasons, enthusing about how her favorite word is The Word, and avoiding getting into any detail about it, and then going back to leading her pro-abortion, pro-sodomy, pro-pornography, anti-Christian expression Party.

Devout Christians and devout Jews do not gather with unrepentant obstinate sinners, or with clearly evil people. Atheists will gather with everyone except devout Christians and Jews. Atheists are quite intolerant of us, but only of us. Marxists are, in truth, intolerant of everyone, except on a temporary basis. When the ends justify the means, Marxists will gather with anyone for the time being, until it no longer suits their true hidden purpose.

Marxists don’t know right from wrong.

What’s coming is not going to be pretty, but we will survive and be stronger for it. We’ve been down this trail before; we just need to work on our memory of history, and prepare ourselves. We are awake; there are more than enough of us that love the Declaration and the Constitution to ensure ultimate victory. The worst part of the threat we currently face involves modern technology, but that may ultimately prove to be our strongest ally in the end.

The revolutions of 1848 were not as well organized as the ones of today. Now we have rioters and anarchists and revolutionaries using the new social media, such as FaceBook, Twitter, cell phone groups and so forth. That’s how these so called “Flash Mobs” show up suddenly somewhere, attack people, loot stores, burn buildings, and than suddenly dissipate.

Do not be recruited into any kind of “response” flash-mob, or counter-mob, or vigilante activity. Be prepared to defend yourself, your family and your property, of course; but don’t go beyond that. Leave it to the police. The best defense is local law enforcement. The cops in your neighborhood already know who the local trouble makers are, and who might be most likely to respond to these flash mob calls. Over time, local cops will get sophisticated enough to penetrate or infiltrate the social groups and intercept the calls for violence, and do their jobs with increasing effectiveness.

The worst of it will come from the anarchists. When the black flag of anarchy is raised, the old familiar battle cry will be “Rape, pillage, plunder and burn!” The danger here is that, in any large community, there will always be some who will answer that call. Large inner-city areas will suffer the most in this regard. But it will not last. Let the police handle it.

Pay attention to what’s going on around you, and on the internet. Report anything suspicious to the local police immediately. I don’t know how things are where you live, but a huge percentage of people I know have their CCW, and it would seem that attacks on private homes, private businesses and private citizens is going to become ever increasingly risky for the perpetrators. Only those who are truly stupid will just jump at every opportunity to “flash-mob” somewhere.

Liberty sings out from every tiny fiber of creation. Liberty is in our DNA. It is unnatural to not be free. God created man to have free will, and to think. Atheists think that, in rejecting God, they free themselves. But they always seem to manage to enslave themselves to the world, or to some part of it. To drugs, or alcohol, or some form of sexual license or perversion, or whatever kind of worldly temptation. Surrender to God provides a freedom they cannot yet understand.

Marxists make the error of Satan, in that they assume that they are like God, knowing good and evil, and they believe they can remake the world in their own image. They intend to remake man in their own image. They believe that perfection is attainable in this world, and they intend to attain it. Perfection, for the Marxist Revolutionary, means that he has become supreme dictator of the world, and all the nations pay him homage. Perfection for the Marxist Useful Idiot means Communist Utopia, man-made heaven on earth.

On both counts, it just doesn’t get any dumber than this.

Stay strong. Stand your ground. Let freedom ring.

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