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Refuting Mohammed and his ideology of conquest masquerading as a religion.
September 17, 2011
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Refuting Mohammed.

Vic Biorseth, Thursday, September 15, 2011

(This article, Refuting Mohammed, is another right-column gathering of material, this time refuting Mohammedan theory. Look to the article links in the right column on this page for the details.)

Five years ago, on the anniversary of 9/11/2001, I wrote a fifth anniversary memoriam to honor those innocent, murdered victims, in New York, Washington DC and Pennsylvania, and all those heroic, self-sacrificial first responders. This year, on the tenth anniversary, I couldn’t do it. I just couldn’t do it. Maybe I’m getting too emotional in my old age or something. I just barely got through my prayers that day; I still don’t know how.

I could not dwell on it; I could not even think of it; it has just become too horrific over time. It was too terrible of an event and too abominable of a deed to even think about. All those people who didn’t do anything to anyone; all they did was get on a plane to go somewhere, or go to work, or drop their kids off at day-care. All those people jumping off of buildings. All those innocents crushed, and burned and buried. All those Moslems, all round the world, celebrating. Just as happened after the events of 9/11/2001, after a short time, my mourning has again turned into a slow burning inner rage of the sort that can only be tempered by continual prayer that the Lord might confirm my soul in self control.

Now, we have Marxism-motivated Democrats in high office, and we have thoroughly Marxist members of the SLIMC editorializing and testifying about how we asked for it, and the victims deserved it, and how “fake heroes” like Bush and Giuliani “raced to cash in on the horror.”

Providing further proof that the Marxists have joined Islam in the drive to destroy civilization as we know it and return the world to barbarism, as I said in The Last Barbarians. It is clear from their own words that both Marxists and Moslems, whether American or not, despise America as founded, and seek to bring her down. That’s what Obamunism means whenever it talks about a “fundamental” transformation of America.

Both Marxism and Islam are hate-based ideologies, opposite of the ideologies of all the rest of us, and of most of the world.

And yes, I call Islam an ideology rather than a religion. It is a false religion; a sham, just like Marxism. The difference is that Marx intended to fool the masses, with a diabolically-clever description of Communist Utopia to recruit his useful idiot followers, with whom he hoped to conquer the world. Mohammed wasn’t that smart. His “religion” just kind of grew out of his simple-minded movement toward self-advancement.

Mohammed had a dream, or a hallucination, upon which everything else in Islam slowly built. He had no visitation by any angel; or if he did, then it was from the wrong kind of angel. At first, he spoke of it only to his wife, who made a big deal out of it and over time convinced him either of the truth of him being chosen for prophesy, or of the wisdom of pretending to be chosen for prophesy. Either way, the simple original dream became more embellished, elaborate and complex over time. His wife convinced him to “go public” with it.

Here’s a brief history of how all this nonsense happened, quoted from the Liberty Versus Marxism and Islam page on this site:

What does Islam have to say about American freedom of religion, just as one small part of the American Constitution? Well, the answer you will hear depends on whether Moslem you ask that question is standing in Dar Al-Harb (the House Of War,) Dar Al-Sulh (the House of Temporary Truce,) or Dar Al-Islam (the House of Submission,) as described in the Islam Way page on this site. Islam itself is absolutely intolerant of any notion of freedom of religion, and thus of constitutional America. Islam insists upon the continual drive toward Ummah, or the one-world “nation” under complete submission to Islam. Current Islamic jurisprudence insists upon the continual drive to expand dar al-Islam at the expense of dar al-harb, until no religion exists in the entire world except Islam.

Mohammed, the man, was held in low regard by his fellow Arabs for various reasons until after the events of his founding of Islam. He was of low skills and low social status; he had once fled in battle, thereby marking himself as a coward; he married an elderly wealthy widow to gain monetary security, rather than marrying young child-bearing, labor capable wives, like all of his contemporaries.

In his late thirties, Mohammed spent some time in the caves around mount Hira, and it is there, about AD 640, at about the age of 40, that he claimed to have been visited by an angel in a dream, and given revelation regarding the nature of God, and a call to prophesy. Over the next three years or so, he kept quiet about it, speaking of it only to his wife and a very few close relatives. Over this period of time the dream became more detailed and embellished, and his wife increasingly encouraged him to act on it. His close followers, few though they were, took to either memorizing or writing down whatever he said, believing it to be potential prophesy. At some point in time these memories and notes would be gathered together into the beginnings of the Koran, but at first, they existed merely as notes on scraps of whatever material could be written on, and as memorized and recited Arabic verses.

Much of his later success was at least in part due to his mastery of the Arab language. Those of us (certainly including me) who find the Koran tedious, contradictory and even nonsensical need to recognize something of purely linguistic importance to readers. Arab readers are moved more by the eloquent phraseology, the turn of the word, and the written form; more so than logic, chronological sequence or even actual content. The Koran puts style above composition. I do not understand this because I do not understand Arabic; I simply have to take the word of more learned men of good principle. It may be that Arabs are somehow not oriented toward logical thought, as we recognize it. I cannot read many Koranic verses in a row without getting logically off track, because there is no steady chronological or logical progression for very long. At any rate, Arabs are greatly moved by the “beauty” of the Koran. I don’t see how it could make any logical sense to anyone. But then, I am not an Arab.

Encouraged by his wife and his few other disciples, Mohammed went public and took his prophetic message to Mecca. At that time, it was a relatively simple message, but it would become ever increasingly more complex and contradictory. At the beginning of his teaching, it consisted mainly of these few principles:

  • All the images and idols in the Kabaa were false deities, merely trinkets of wood and stone, and the worship of them was a sin.
  • There is only one God, the creator of heaven, earth and men, and his name is Allah.
  • He – Mohammed – was Allah’s prophet and messenger to men.
  • All deities and all religions other than this one were false.
Mohammed had already taught his closest disciples to pray by example, at one point, bending forward to touch his forehead to the ground as a sign of absolute submission to Allah. He now sought to teach others to join his disciples in Mecca. He preached the principles above to the leaders of Mecca and invited them to accept him as Allah’s prophet and messenger. While he did gain a few more followers, no doubt due to his linguistic eloquence, the majority greeted his preaching and his arrogant invitation with derision, ridicule and scorn.

These were pagan men of the desert, long accustomed to worship of the Moon god and of the multiple lesser deities set up at the Kabaa, to special feasts and seasons, including the month of Ramadan, which began on the ninth month on the first appearance of a sliver of moon after the new moon. They considered the Kabaa to be a holy site and this upstart Mohammed to be on the verge of sacrilege. They were long accustomed to the Haj, the pagan pilgrimage, to bow to a black stone (probably a meteorite,) to go around it seven times and then kiss it, and then to run one mile to the dry well at Wadi Mina to throw stones at the devil.

Very conveniently, Mohammed began encountering more revelations from Allah which made it possible to alleviate this situation in Mecca via theological compromise. He again spoke to the leaders of Mecca and told them that the three particularly popular Kabaa deities, the moon god’s three daughters, al-Lat, al-Uzza and Manat, were actual devine beings, fully capable of interceding with Allah on behalf of believers. As negotiations continued, Mohammed, theoretically, received another revelation:

Do not revile the idols which they invoke besides Allah, lest in their ignorance they revile Allah with rancor. Thus have we made the actions of all men seem pleasing to themselves. To their lord they shall return, and we will declare to them all that they have done.
After that, Mohammed no longer cursed the idols of the Kabaa but called them all by the same name, Allah, thus merging some 300 or so deities at the Kabaa into one, and calling them, collectively, Allah. This too was recorded and written, thereby abrogating what he had said, and what had been written before. He claimed that the former verses that had been abrogated were somehow inspired by Satan, and hence were the Satanic Verses which would later be written about and would earn one Salman Rushdie an Islamic death sentence.

The Mecca leaders had more worldly compromises in mind, in the form of trade negations, since Mohammed was a very successful trader, having taken over the business activities of his rich and elderly wife. Mohammed would not compromise on business; he was a good businessman and he intended to prosper in his business dealings. Well, the Mecca leaders would not compromise on theology, and Mohammed would not compromise on business matters, and so the “persecution” – if you can call it that – of Mohammed in Mecca began. His preaching of an ultimate judgment of sinners was taken to be a near seditious attempt at undermining the way of life in Mecca, which depended upon pagan pilgrims for economic well being. His call to accept him as the one and only messenger of God was seen as an arrogant attempt at gaining the upper hand over his betters. Mohammed was scorned as a former camel driver, former shepherd, of low lineage, who had run away from a battle, who married into relative wealth rather than earned it.

Mohammed received increasing numbers of revelations in Mecca, and he turned increasingly to strangers to preach his message, and many strangers passed through Mecca, including many Christians and Jews. He told his followers to not argue with the “People of the Book,” but to say that we believe in the Revelation that has come down to us and in that which came down to them. At that time Mohammed allowed for the possibility that Jews and Christians could attain salvation. He taught that any who believe in God and work righteousness shall have their ultimate reward with the Lord, and on them there would be no fear, nor should they grieve. Obviously, this would not be the last “revelation” to Mohammed concerning the Christians and the Jews; later, Mohammed would condemn them completely.

Mohammed’s uncle died, and shortly thereafter his wife died. His protection in Mecca depended almost entirely upon the clan of his now dead uncle, and so Mohammed eventually left with his entourage for Hathrib, which would renamed the “city of the prophet,” Medinet el Nebi, which would later be shortened to Medina. There was a large colony of Jews there, and a large colony of Christians. He was under the protection of converts to his religion there, and the birth of Islam is measured from the day he arrived in Hathrib: September 24, 622 AD. That is when Mohammed received the revelations instructing him to make war on Mecca. Mohammed produced and the Medina tribal chiefs agreed to the “Constitution of Medina” regulating relations among the clans, stating that disputes would be submitted to “Mohammed the Prophet.” The Jews were not signators, but they were mentioned as one of the groups subject to the constitution provisions.

Mohammed unleashed raids against caravans going in and out of Mecca, and his continuing “revelations” promised booty and slaves to his warriors, and heaven if they were slain in battle. In short order, Islam became an absolute theocracy and Mohammed became the absolute ruler in Medina, and brutality became the order of the day. Absolute submission was demanded, and received. The Meaning of Islamic iman, or person of faith is one who has had a complete change of identity, in that he no longer belongs to his clan or his tribe but to the Islamic Ummah under protection of Allah and his prophet Mohammed. Any who made this conversion and then changed their minds about it thereby doomed themselves.

On Mohammed’s orders, a Jewish merchant named Abu Rafi was murdered in his sleep; one of 27 known Jews murdered on Mohammed’s order. He had done nothing; he was just a prosperous merchant. After prolonged unsuccessful attempts to convert the Jews, his attitude toward them became one of implacable hostility. Over time, seemingly minor disagreements with his “prophesy” from any quarter were magnified in the mind of Mohammed, eventually to turn him to rage. History records that during this period when Islam was being established and gaining ground, there was a sudden “disappearance” of whole Jewish communities all over Arabia. This was almost certainly due to acts of genocide committed by Moslems.

Mohammed attacked Banu Qurayzah, the last Jewish tribe in Medina, ostensibly because he sensed disloyalty in them. The men were ordered to convert; those who refused were beheaded on the spot; some 900 were beheaded. Torches had to be lit so that they could all be beheaded in the same day, in front of their wives and children, who where then raped and taken as slaves. Mohammed’s revelations got harsher and harsher toward unbelievers. “Take him and fetter him and expose him to hell fire.” Others were to be “killed or crucified, or have their hands and feet on alternate sides cut off.” For the captured infidel, in this world, “we have prepared chains, yokes and blazing fire.” In the hereafter, “as for those who disbelieve, garments of fire will be cut out for them, boiling fluid will be poured down their heads. Whereby that which is in their bellies, and they skins too, will be melted … And for them are hooked rods of iron. Whenever they would go forth from thence they are driven back therein and (it is said unto them): Taste the doom of burning.”

Previous teachings were abrogated regarding Mohammed’s own personal behavior. Previously, in Mecca, he had taught about the great temptations that would work to enslave men:

  • The passion for women.
  • The desire for male children.
  • The thirst for gold and silver.
  • Spirited horses, and the possession of cattle and land.
  • All the pleasures of life.
In the end, Mohammed had them all, and more.

Islam has never changed it’s commitment to continue the march to Ummah. In WWII Islam aligned with the Nazi-Fascist branch of Marxism because of its treatment of the Jews. Over time, Moslems have become Machiavellian in nature. In dar al-harb, where we infidels live, Moslems are the most peaceful, wonderful, loving examples of people to be found in the Islamic faith. Until they gain a little more population and a little more power. The Islamic attitude changes, radically and brutally, when and where Islam is in control.

The final goal of Islam is the same as the final goal of Marxism: Borderless, nation-less, one world global government, which is to say, a world dictatorship.

The history of Islam is a history of war and of conquest; the ideology/religion of Islam is one of brutal domination, subjugation, forced submission, misogyny, abuse, torture and murder.

Ignorance (of Islam) is Bliss. The untold millions of truthfully peaceful Moslems who want to live at peace with everyone are largely ignorant of their own faith. Those peaceful Moslems who can read have not yet properly read the Koran. Those peaceful Moslems who are illiterate have not yet been properly instructed in the Islamic faith. That is why they are still relatively civilized people. The brutal, violent, blood-thirsty nature of Islam is in the Koran, and it is preached in the Mosques.

The let’s be nice to the Christians and the Jews verses were written in the early years at Mecca. The Let’s be brutal to the Christians and Jews verses were written later at Medina, and as later verses, they abrogated the previous peaceful verses, and thus the violent verses are the ones that stand in Islamic law. And that’s the way it is, to this day.

I have elsewhere in this website stated that all Moslems are IEJTMLs, just as all Marxists are MEJTMLs. There might be an exception made for the ignorant Moslem, who is largely ignorant of the details of his own faith. But that innocence-through-ignorance is only a temporary innocence, because sooner or later he is likely to encounter the correct interpretation of the Koran, and he will then be confronted with a terrible, life-threatening decision.

By Islamic law, no Moslem may ever convert to any other religion; the punishment for any such conversion is death. By Islamic law, no Moslem can even criticize Mohammed, or any of the words in the Koran, because that would be blasphemy, again, punishable by death.

So what is the previously ignorant and peace loving Moslem to do once he actually gets into his religion and learns of the brutal nature of Islam toward the entire non-Moslem world?

  1. He can renounce Islam and convert, and risk summary execution.
  2. He can argue to change the Islamic religion, or the religious interpretation, and thereby risk summary execution.
  3. He can shut up about it, and thereby lie by omission.
  4. He can openly lie about it, and say that Islam is a religion of peace.
  5. He can become a true Moslem, which is to say, a Jihadist, for that is what Islam calls him to become.

Glenn Beck recently reported having spoken off the record with Moslems living in Israel, who could only be honest if they were not quoted, not named, and not on-camera. They all preferred to live in Israel under Israeli law, where they were free, and where they could vote and they had a political voice, than in any Islamic state, including Palestine. These people were Palestinians. But they feared for their lives, and so they could not speak the truth on camera or, if in any way they might be identified. They prefer living under Jewish law than under Islamic law. But they cannot say so too loudly, because they and their families would be summarily executed by other Moslems.

What does that tell you about the peaceful nature of Islam?

Islam Vs. the US Constitution and Civil Law. No Moslem who is true to his faith can accept the rights established in our Bill of Rights. There can be no freedom of speech that might criticize Islam, the Koran or Mohammed. There can be no freedom of the press that might criticize in any way Islam, the Koran or Mohammed. There can be no freedom of religion, for there can only be one religion, which is Islam. There can be no right to assemble or to petition the government over any grievance because the government is Islam, the law is Islam, and there will be no discussion regarding how it is applied.

Even the right to continue to live, granted by God, enshrined in the American Declaration of Independence, is denied under Islam. If a wife or a child of a Moslem in any way “dishonors” the man, or the family, or Islam, that wife or child may be executed on the spot by the Moslem. There will be no day in court; there will be no advocate appointed for the accused; there will be no defense offered; there will be no opportunity to call witnesses or evidences for the defense; there will be no impartial judge sitting in authority; there will be no jury of peers to hear the evidence; there will be no appeal.

This is, of course, against the law in America. We call it murder.

Here’s what I wrote in the Islam and the Jews page about the threat Islam poses to us, and to everyone who is not of the Islamic persuasion:

The Islam Way teaches that there are three worlds, or domains, in which to live the Islam Way. For those of us raised from the cradle to be tolerant, the ramifications of this information are going to rock our world. These worlds or domains or houses are not to be found in the Koran or the Hadith, but in the consistent teachings of the Islam Way. Look them up on the internet.

The Islam Way domain number one is called Dar Al-Islam, the domain of, or more literally, the house of submission. It refers to lands under Islamic government. The name implies a high degree of religious security, defined as freedom to fully and completely practice the religion of Islam out in the open. If a Moslem practices Islam freely, then he is considered to be living in Dar Al-Islam, at least in his immediate neighborhood, even if he happens to be living in some secular or otherwise non-Islamic land. Dar Al-Islam is a domain of peace and not war.

The Islam Way domain number two is Dar Al-Sulh, the house of Truce, or of Temporary Peace. This describes a Moslem community that is established in a foreign land but representing a minority still too weak to wage open Jihad. After the community is well established, firm and growing in strength it will change to the third domain.

The Islam Way domain number three is Dar Al-Harb, the house of war. This domain refers to all areas outside of Islamic rule. This is where Christians and Jews and Atheists and Buddhists and Hindus, etc., and, perhaps even especially, secularists, live.

In the most ancient tradition of the Islam Way, the entire world is divided into Dar Al-Islam, the house of God, and Dar Al-Harb, the house of infidels and unbelievers. The word Jihad translates to Struggle, and represents the spiritual struggle of Islam against "infidels." The most common usage that I find of the word Jihad is to achieve the goal of expanding the borders of Dar Al-Islam at the expense of the borders of Dar Al-Harb by force. We're talking about physical, worldly borders here, not anything spiritual. And we're not talking about willing or free choice conversions here, but rather, either absolute submission or death. Conversion by the sword.

This is no drill.

Enter each of these domains into your favorite search engine and see what Islam itself predominantly teaches. This is the Islam Way.

This is not merely the teaching of Osama or some other nutcase. This is the universal, recognized teaching of Islam itself. The notion that Islam is a religion of peace is false; it is a religion of world conquest and of murder, enslavement and violence. The fact that a clear majority of Moslems are peaceful and decent is not BECAUSE of the religion of Islam, but in SPITE of it. The goodness and decency of the majority of Moslems is due to the inherent goodness of man; Islam seeks to turn them into Jihadist murderers and enslavers. With some percentage, it will always succeed, because of the violence of the Islam Way that is within the Koran itself. The Islam Way is clearly spelled out in black and white.

We can look at the Koran itself, at Koran-Browse and Search and either browse, or go to the bottom of the page to enter search criteria. Here are some passages of interest to "unbelievers."

  • Moslems are instructed to kill us everywhere they find us (2:191).
  • We are not to be trusted, bargained with or befriended (2:254) and (3:28) and (4:144) and (5:51).
  • Moslems are instructed to lay in wait for us, seize us, beleaguer us, ambush us, slay us, enslave us, but if we repent and pay special taxes, we will be spared (9:5).
  • Moslems take women prisoners of war as slaves (33:50).
  • Moslems are instructed to crucify us or cut off our hands and feet (5:33).
  • Moslems are to strike off our heads and our fingers (8:12).
  • Moslems are instructed to strike off our heads and make a wide slaughter among us, and to carefully tie up the survivors as captives (47:4).
  • Moslems are to prepare for us garments of fire, to pour over our heads boiling water whereby whatever is in our skin or in our bowels will be disolved by it, and we are to be punished by hooked iron rods (22:19-21).
  • Moslems are to make war against us until no other religion exists except Islam (2:139; 8:39; 9:29).

The seeds of violence and conquest are right there in the sacred texts of the Islam Way, in the Koran itself; in every age, there will be those in whom those seeds take root. Our war is not with Islamists or Islamo-Fascists or mere Islamic radicals; our war is with Islam itself. The Islam Way like the Moslem People MOSTLY appears to be quite peaceful; so does the resting cobra. What we are up against is an idea; a religion; an ideology. We need to do battle with this idea. Even if only one out of a hundred, or only one out of a thousand living in the Islam Way "sprout" from these Koranic seeds and are moved to self-sacrificial murder in the name of Islam, that's a whole lot of terrorists, today, and spread out over the future centuries. It’s the idea, the religion that needs to be dealt with. The problem won't die with Osama.

You need to learn whatever you can about the Islam Way. Take this as fair warning. What you don't know about the Islam Way can make you dead.

Religion of Peace? The entire history of Islam is a history of war. Everything the Koran says, once you recognize that the most peaceful verses have all been abrogated by later violent verses, is violent. Islam is a “religion” that should be very popular with misogynists, wife-beaters, child abusers, rapists, pedophiles, sadists and anyone into dominance. Any American woman who thinks Islam might be a nice faith-culture to experiment with should just go ahead and take the preparatory steps, which would be to turn in her car keys, bag her head and just shut the hell up.

“You shut your mouth, and you get out in that kitchen and rattle those pots and pans with the rest of my wives, and I don’t want to hear another word out of you, Hillary!” Now, I wonder what abusive, domineering American man would ever say such a thing to his own wife? Just wondering out loud …

How to fight Islam. First, we – meaning anyone who is not a Moslem – need to recognize the fact that Islam declared war on us many centuries ago. Actual war. Second, we need to recognize that Islam is irretrievably and irrevocably anti-Semitic, to the point of being genocidal. Nations that are totally under Islamic law, such as Iran, should be recognized as enemy states at war with us, because that is what they are. Iran makes no bones about what it intends to do to us; we should listen to what they say and believe it.

We should close American embassies in such nations and not deal with them, except as necessary to wage war against them, as the situation demands. Their ambassadors and embassies in America should be protected and left alone, if they wish to remain here, but Islam has amply proved that they do not reciprocate in recognizing international law and protecting foreign embassies, ambassadors and representatives. They are far too uncivilized for that.

We need to recognize the fact that the current leadership of Islam fully intends to destroy Israel and exterminate the Jews, and that the current leadership of Marxism fully intends to help them do that. We need to very strongly ally with Israel against any and all Islamic would-be exterminators.

As for the rest of Islam, the vast majority of Moslems not living in such lands as Iran, the war must be a war of ideas, of reason, of critical thinking, of education, and of the advance of truth against falsehood. As we said earlier, the peaceful Moslem is in a difficult position – if he leaves the faith, he is automatically under a death sentence. If he criticizes the faith, or the Koran, or Mohammed, again, he might incur a death sentence. Nevertheless, this must be a war of ideas rather than bullets. There must be opportunities for Moslems to speak openly, to be heard, and to be protected from reprisals.

No Moslem in his right mind is going to openly renounce Islam in most places unless he can somehow get into a “witness protection program” that can somehow guarantee his safety and that of his kin. (Has anyone seen Salmon Rushdie lately?)

Right now, to the best of my knowledge, the best place for a peaceful Moslem to openly speak his mind is right here in America. Even if we cannot strictly guarantee that someone will not sneak up and murder him, we can guarantee that we will try to protect him, and that if a murderer succeeds we will prosecute him to the full extent of the law. (At least, after all the American Marxists are thrown out of positions of power, we should be able to guarantee that.)

All anyone has to do is objectively read history, and critically assess the Koran and the Hadith, with an open mind. I’m not advocating that any Moslem become a Catholic, or even a Christian, or anything at all. What I’m advocating is that Moslems look openly and objectively at their own faith and their own culture, and see if that really seems to be the best way for men to live and interact with other men.

The whole problem – I believe it to be almost the sole problem – of this war of ideas or of ideologies is that the Moslem faces the death threat for following his own conscience and making his own decision regarding his own life direction. This war of ideas will not be won by our side until and unless large numbers of Moslems are able to voluntarily openly renounce Islam in a loud, clear voice, and not suffer in any way for doing it.

It always comes back to the matter of liberty, doesn’t it?

Pray for peace in Jerusalem. Pray for Israel. Pray for the peaceful Moslems.

Be not afraid. Take a stand. Let freedom ring.

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