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A fallen people must return to Principle to return to Greatness.
November 15, 2012
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Is the American Constitution now toast?

Vic Biorseth, Thursday, November 15, 2012

Once upon a time there arose a mighty nation of free men of high principle. They based their nation upon the natural rights of all men, endowed by God Himself, and they designed a form of government that would enshrine those God given rights in secular law, so that no man and no organization, including their own government, could ever take them away.

They became great among nations, and they became a safe harbor and a refuge for aliens from all other lands, yearning for levels of freedom, opportunity and individual liberty that could not be found elsewhere. They became mighty in war, merciful in victory and charitable to the needy. They became the protectors of the innocent and a great threat to those seeking conquest. They became incredibly wealthy by all world standards, and their wealth came from the individual citizen’s initiative, zeal and concerted, concentrated efforts to prosper, for their high principles, and their very form of government encouraged them to prosper by their own diligence.

They couldn’t possibly be beaten by anyone on the open battlefield. But it came to pass that they lost a war, not on the battlefield, where not one single battle was ever lost, but in the minds of the populace, because of the advance falsehood within their culture. The people were told, by speakers they trusted, that the war was lost, and they believed the lie. In their minds, the lie became truth to them. And so the great nation lost a very costly war, and the loss was due not to battle, but to politics, and to the advance of the political lie.

That was a turning point. Falsehood had been advancing slowly within the nation for many decades, beginning with the evolutionary metamorphosis of Progressivism, which was a new strain of Marxism. It differed from Revolutionary Communism in that it was a slow, seductive, mesmerizing infection that led to the same end, although much more slowly and gradually. Progressivism depends entirely upon the lie for its very life, and for its own advancement toward the eventual goal of total Marxist domination. Progressive lies were slowly eating away the nation’s Principles, and changing its very nature.

But the people didn’t know. The cultural disease of the lie then metastasized, and quickly spread throughout the whole of the culture. The people were ever increasingly educated and propagandized into falsehood and error.

That was then; this is now; here we are. Lies are taught in our schools. Lies are daily reported as “News.” History books and educational text books are written, and re-written, in lies. Gigantic lies abound, and are not recognized as lies. The nation now has a President who was elected based on lies. Twice. The people still don’t really know who he is, but they elected him. Twice. Based on lies. And he is taking the slow Communist Progressivism that put him in office up several levels, approaching the level of the older historical nature of bloody Communist Revolution. There is nothing slow and methodical about his approach. His particular brand of Marxism is much more akin to that of a Lenin than to that of a Wilson or an FDR.

This is another tipping point, in two ways, possibly three. The second election proved that the majority of the voting public is oblivious to or largely unaware of the impossibly large financial crisis before them, brought on by purposefully destructive spending, borrowing and printing of currency by a President incapable of doing so much as creating a simple annual budget.

It also proved that a significant fraction, if not yet a clear majority, of voters have lost their sense of individual independence. They have now become the dependents of government, dependent upon government programs for their day to day sustenance, and they will therefore always vote for representatives who promise more government programs.

The third possibly tipping point involves the indeterminate number and placement of high ranking military, intelligence and law officials who have been or may be compromised significantly enough to take them out of the picture. And, it involves the indeterminate question of where and how many fundamentally Marxist and/or Moslem, allied-with-the-President Agent Provocateurs have been infiltrated and inserted into key positions in Defense, Intelligence and Investigative agencies, ready to assume new roles quickly.

The ground has been prepared for radical revolution. On the Liberty side of the populace there has been a giant, rude awakening to the threat, but not in sufficient numbers to win the last election; or possibly not in sufficient numbers to overcome

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