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Roman Catholic Marxism? Excuse me? Who is evangelizing whom?
March 22, 2014
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Roman Catholic Marxism? Excuse me? Who is evangelizing whom?

Roman Catholic Marxism explores the Politics of Private property v. Collective property (i.e., Marxist Redistributionism) and how the Church treats that political dichotomy.

Vic Biorseth, OWM; Saturday, March 22, 2014

I took so much heat from so many of you who did not want to be identified after publishing Pope Francis, Evangelii Gaudium, and Evangelizing for World Communism that the subject matter demanded a whole lot more of my attention. So be it. You said I should carefully apply the "hermeneutic of continuity" and look into what had gone before on the topic. I did that; and the deeper I got into it the more it seemed that the "hermeneutic of suspicion" might be more appropriately applied here.

This is getting scary.

To be clear, no new doctrine has been declared, and the Sacred Deposit remains untouched, and - in my inexpert judgment - all that Pope Francis, Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Paul VI have done is offer moral recommendations or opinions regarding Global Redistribution of Private Property.

But Bishops, Priests and Laymen might read their words and carry them out through political action, to the detriment of the principle of private property and the rule of civil law.

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