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Multi-Culturalism: Suicidal Diversity.
February 15, 2014
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Multi-Culturalism: Culturally Suicidal Diversity.

How on earth could heterogeneity displace homogeneity without destroying culture?

Vic Biorseth, OWM; Saturday, February 15, 2014

What is a culture?In a petri-dish, it is a sample of a homogeneous pathogen or bacteria, all of the same form. If you contaminate it with divergent samples, you destroy the culture, for it will no longer be a homogeneous culture.

In human families, tribes, organizations and nations, it is a "society" that shares common language, beliefs, customs, traditions, guiding principles and social values, which are collectively recognized as the "Ethos" or the ethnic identity of the people. In America, the dominant ethos of the people is the Judao-Christian Ethos, born of Judao-Christian religions. English is the cultural language, and Christian is the dominant religion; Judaism is an important part of the overall ethos, because Judaism, which gave birth to Christianity and makes up most of the Bible, is socially and morally compatible with Christianity.

Catholics, Protestants and Jews coexist in the same American culture because their core values and principles, and the religions that direct their social behavior, are compatible. While there is great theological divergence between them, socially, they are very nearly homogeneous. They can and do exist in the same human culture without harming each other, and without destroying the larger culture.

They are homogenous in their recognition of a common set of Commandments, and in a commonly held sense of virtues, vices, natural laws, and a common sense of justice. They hold a common sense of right and wrong, in other words.

Not so with many other religions and diverse cultures.

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Suicidal Diversity

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