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Regarding The President We Need, The President We Deserve, and God's Judgment.
March 13, 2013
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The President We Need.

Vic Biorseth, Wednesday, March 13, 2013

What kind of future President can we hope for who might even begin to get us out of this mess? An elder-statesman? An accounting or mathematics wizard? An MBA? A scientist of some kind? A great, learned professor? Perhaps a great judge? A benevolent despot?

What is the surest path back to pure Constitutional America?

The late John Paul the Great ushered in an era of hope, optimism and challenge in his first inaugural homily, in words paraphrased and repeated over and over and over again, throughout his long pontificate, in some 129 countries. He called me, and you, and all individuals, and all states, nations and governments, to not be afraid to open wide the doors for God.

You, and I, and our nation, and our government, have nothing to fear from God. You don't even have to cross that threshold; John Paul the Great did not call men and their governments to go through that door; just to open it. God would do the rest.

For over a century of our American history the Secularist movement has been slowly closing that door, while systematically religiously cleansing our education, news reporting, politics and public discourse. Today the Democrat Party is nailing the door shut and publicly demonizing believers as the worst kind of extremists. They have turned Judao-Christian morality upside down, to the point that condemning sin is itself condemned, as the new sin of judgmentalism. All the old anathemas are now celebrated, and anyone who says let them be anathema is now the one roundly anathematized.

This has got to be reversed.

And reversal of forced secularism does not mean theocracy.

It means leaving people alone; allowing them the liberty of practicing their religion, out loud, in public. It means an end to un-Constitutional government interference with the free religious exercise of the citizenry. If you've read much on this site, you know that America began life as thirteen distinct Christian denominational theocracies. Our founding document, the Declaration of Independence, clearly recognizes and celebrates God as the author of nature and of nature's laws, and as the author of our inalienable rights, rights which no mere government or worldly authority may ever take away.

Our Constitution prohibited our goverment from imposing any official national religion over the top of the already existing thirteen official colonial Christian religions, so that the federal government could never order citizens how or whether to worship. The federal government not being a theocracy was an absolute prerequisite to ratification of the Constitution.

I submit that state-forced or legally enforced secularization of society is, precisely, a theocracy. It is state-mandated public religious exercise, or the prohibition of it. At least in public, the citizenry are forced by law to be, appear to be or pretend to be atheist. This is closing the door to God. And this is the door John Paul the Great was talking about, over and over and over again. He was not addressing Catholics only; he was addressing all the governments of the world.

The President we need will re-open that door. Washington, Madison, Jefferson, Adams, many others among the Founders and the Framers, and, most prophetically, Alexis de Tocqueville, told us that the absolutely unique American Republic depended entirely upon a religious and moral people to keep it properly functioning. Our national greatness depended entirely on our overall citizen "goodness." This "goodness" of our people stemmed from their Judao-Christian morality; upon the religious moral code once common throughout all of Western Civilization. We were warned that, once we were no longer a good people, we would begin the decline from being a great nation. The two things are interdependent.

Just as morality and religion are interdependent things, the morality of the American people and the greatness of the American nation are interdependent things.

We the people have moved far, far away from "goodness," high morality and decency; and thus, sitting in our new irreligion and our new immorality, we now have the social conditions, the economic catastrophe, the governmental quandaries and the evil President, government and leadership that we deserve.

It is time for us all to turn around.

We are now standing on the threshold of national doom.

The President we need will have the Truth of God deep in his mind, the Love of God deep in his breast and the Name of God ever on his lips. He will call the people to repentance, fasting and prayer, and he will lead us in a new (but really old) direction.

He will strongly address the armed forces to reinvigorate faith. He will see that every warrior has a Bible, in Catholic, Protestant or Jewish variants, and that every warrior has a pocket copy of the Declaration and the Constitution. He will address the fighting men, their teachers and trainers, to add an order to the "General Orders" to be committed to memory, to the effect that:

Every warrior is duty-bound, and honor bound, by his very oath to defend the Constitution, to disobey any order, from any level, which might violate any Constitutional right of any American citizen, as an unlawful order.

Because the Declaration and the Constitution have been either eliminated, de-emphasized or purposely distorted in American formal education, a program of proper education in the Declaration and the Constitution must become a vital part of military training. The Constitution is, after all, what all fighting men solemnly swear to defend before they put on the uniform. They swear to protect it from all enemies, foreign and domestic. The good soldier must know and understand exactly what it is that he defends.

The President we need will recognize and know that the ideologies of Marxism and Islam are, both, antithetical to the American Constitution, and that as such, they are anti-American in their ultimate goals. There is no variant of Marxism and no variant of Islam that is compatible with the American Constitutional rights to life, liberty, private property, self determination, freedom of religion, due process, etc., etc., etc. In fact, Marxism and Islam, in any existing variant form, directly oppose some or all of our American Constitutional rights.

We recommended formal recognition of the dangers to America posed by Marxism and Islam in the Proposed Constitutional Amendment page. As Commander In Chief, the President we need will remove Marxists and Moslems from military service and from federal government police and intelligence organizations. And he will similarly remove any such potential national threats from any high official government office or any federal bureaucracy, on his own authority. Wherever they can be recognized and identified, Marxists and Moslems should be denied any security clearance and the ability to work on any American government contract.

These two actions we speak of - opening the door to God, and closing the door to anti-God - would be a complete reversal of what has been the national trend for the last hundred years or so.

The President we need will introduce articles of impeachment against any high government officials who have violated their oath of office to protect and defend the Constitution. This includes any Legislators who legislated un-Constitutional law, and any Justices who positively adjudicated any un-Constitutional legal decisions. Of course, this would go nowhere as long as we have a Senate unwilling to impeach anyone for anything, since the Senate is the sole Constitutional court of impeachment.

The President we need will seek to return the government to the vitally important principle of three co-equal branches of government, following the precedent of Maybury v. Madison, 1803, by which the Supreme Court declared that any law that violated the Constitution was no law, and henceforth nul and void. We spoke about this in Rebirthing America, and elsewhere in this site.

He will establish new legal precedent doing the same thing the Court did, by declaring any existing law, or regulation, or executive order, or adjudicated legal precedent, that violates the Constitution to be no law, or, no regulation, or, no executive order, or, no legal precedent, and henceforth null and void. Congress has the exact same abilities. There is nothing in the Constitution granting any special interpretive authority to any of the three co-equal branches of government. Anyone with a good 6th grade education should be able to read and interpret the Constitution, and recognize a clear violation of it.

What this means is that there need not be any long drawn out legislative process to repeal un-Constitutional law, such as Obamacare. It is already un-Constitutional; all that should be required is for it to be formally declared un-Constitutional, and thus, no law.

Would this mean a Tyrannical Presidency? No. Just the opposite. A tyrannical President would seek to grow government power and authority over the people, not reduce it. The Tyrant seeks to increase his own power, never to reduce or restrain it in any way. The President we need would reduce the whole federal government to fit within Constitutional limits, and reduce scope of federal law to the powers limited and enumerated in the Constitution; specifically, those listed in Article 1 Section 8. If it isn't listed there, the federal government has no Constitutional business even addressing it in law or taxes or regulations. It would require a Constitutional Amendment.

The President we need would use the Constitution as the sole measure of whether a gigantic and powerful bureaucracy such as the EPA, for instance, had any legitimate reason to continue to exist, at taxpayer expense, and continue manufacturing unrepresentative, un-legislated private enterprise strangling regulations with full force of law. He could, and should, declare them to be un-Constitutional on two specific bases:

  1. Nothing in them is listed in Article 1 Section 8 of the Constitution, which means they are out of scope and not within the authority of the federal government to make law, collect tax or expend treasure.
  2. The Constitution nowhere grants Congress the authority to delegate its exclusive authority to make new law, to any person, group or entity. Only Congress makes new law.

Where is the President we need? I don't know. All the Tea Party "best" who currently rank highest in Talk Radio (which is about all I trust these days), as good as they look, give me a bad feeling in the stomach. Some of them are competitively pussy-footing around with mealy-mouth language that, if it was said in plain English, would say that they are hunting for ways to grant amnesty to all the criminal aliens, without saying that's what they intend to do. And some of them have voted to confirm anti-Constitutional, which is to say, anti-American, candidates for such vital offices as Secretary of State, Secretary of Defense and Head of the CIA.

There simply is no excuse for that.

The President we need is somebody ordinary, and Sarah Palin keeps coming back to mind. Along with Colonel Alan West. I don't mean to say that these are ordinary citizens; what I mean is that they stand out, in my mind, from the polished politicos and smooth politicians that make up most of the herd. They are close to the ordinary citizenry; they are not elitist, and they are not power-hungry. I could be wrong, but my impression is that they are driven by a higher purpose than self promotion. That is the kind of President we need.

I began writing this early this morning before going to work. Now I am home, have had my dinner, and am finishing it up. During the day, driving my delivery route, I listened to Talk Radio, as usual, and - I listened to our new Pope, Francis, from Buenos Aires Argentina.

And, as I listened, he asked us - all of us - to pray to God to bless him. And I did. And I hope you did too. This was unexpected. And we prayed for Benedict XVI; an Our Father, a Hail Mary and a Glory Be. I could pretty well understand it, even as he said the prayers in Italian. And then he blessed us all, including me, through the radio.

They said that he, a big-shot Cardinal, rides a city bus to work from his simple apartment in Buenos Aires each day.

This could be the start of something wonderful.

Viva il Papa!

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