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The Three Sociological Divisions: The Faithful; The Disengaged; The Faithless.
September 05, 2011
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The Three Sociological Divisions.

Vic Biorseth, Monday, September 05, 2011

The three sociological divisions I speak of here can be found in just about any existing or any historical society. They are the “natural” divisions along religious and philosophical lines, and they are the “natural” divisions that form the bases for political divisions. Usually, the political bases, or Parties, will form for the first and the third divisions; the middle divisions is frequently not engaged enough to even hold a comprehensive or even rational political point of view.

This is on my mind these days because this is so clearly a time for decisive division here in America; it is the opposite of the “Bring Us All Together” political leaders and political slogans from the Democrat Party and the Left, and of the weakest of the “professional” Republican Party office holders. Bringing us all together is the last thing we should want any of our future leaders to do, particularly when so many of “us” are just plain evil.

If ever there was a time for dividing, this is it.

There can be neither compromise nor accommodation with evil. It must be decisively defeated. It comes down to basic right versus wrong; what is wrong must be recognized and, at the very least, sidelined, and not allowed access to or influence over the governing or regulating of us. When we look back through history we see that, maybe it was always that way.

Moses didn’t even get down from the mountain with the Ten Commandments before the faithless third, or the third whose faith was the weakest, had fashioned a golden calf to worship. So it was throughout the journey to the Promised Land; there was always a grumbling third ready to abandon ship and return to Egypt, or go another way.

We have already talked about the three sociological thirds in pre-revolutionary America. There were the Patriots, the Loyalists, and in the middle, the ones referred to by Ben Franklin as the Mug-Wumps, with their mugs hanging over one side of the fence and their wumps hanging over the other.

Rarely, if ever, has any sort of gigantic super-majority ever shown itself to win any election in America. We don’t see epic landslides of overwhelming proportions here. Even if we look at the Reagan victory in 1984, which everyone acknowledges to be a huge landslide, by American standards, when we look closer we see something less than a landslide.

In that 1984 contest, while President Reagan took 49 of our 50 states, his total national vote margin was 58.8%, against Mondale’s 40.6%. Now, if you want to use terms like overwhelming landslide to describe an election result, you would think it might be more like a 70% victory, or 80%, or 90%. Yet the numbers show that it wasn’t much more than half.

The “Landslide” sort of thing simply doesn’t happen here. The Founders and the Framers took great pains to see that it would not happen here, and put into place roadblocks, such as the Electoral College, the original makeup of the Senate to counter-balance the popularly elected House, etc., to make us a Republic rather than a simple Democracy. The reason for that design is that it follows the principle that says that what is Right for society must be given precedence over what is merely Popular at any moment in time. That principle, and the design of our Republic, and the design of our Constitution, requires that we, the people, must know simple right from wrong, just as did the Founders and the Framers.

We have an American third of the population that knows right from wrong. We have an American third of the population that opposes the common cultural vision of knowing right from wrong. And we have an American third of the population that is too busy with the NFL or with hobbies or with studies to be paying attention. Politics bores them.

We have a third that believes in God, a third that rejects belief in God, and a third for whom God is an after thought. And yet, religion is the root source of morality, and the common religion of a culture provides the common sense of right versus wrong in that culture.

In the pews on any Lord’s Day, are devout worshippers right next to people who are just going through the motions and can’t wait to get out of there, and there are people who are a little of both. Every priest and minister sees members of the congregation roll their eyes when he preaches certain hard truths. Clergy are often tempted to soften their message to keep their congregations growing and not be blamed by their superiors or their own congregation members for a declining following.

This is a time for division and dividing. It is time to take a stand. Everywhere.

How many Catholics out there think, erroneously, that it is no longer a mortal sin to miss Mass without a valid reason? How many “engaged” but not yet married couples move in with each other and still come to the Communion rail? How many just shack up without even being engaged, and still go to Church and pretend, or, even worse, believe that they are doing nothing wrong?

How many Church-going Christians bless and welcome open homosexuality, and believe that that particular life choice is no longer sinful, naturally perverse or even the least bit odd? How many Christian couples use their car with the Christian fish symbol on it to drive their daughter to and from an abortion mill?

At the opposite end, we have the irreligious, anti-God third, who would change our common sense of right versus wrong to the point of turning it upside down.

Look at the articles presented and linked to in the right hand column of this webpage. Read them one by one, and know this: it is the evil one who wants to “bring us all together.” The Democrat Party, the Party of evil, will always, always have it’s third of the voting population locked up. The promoters of class warfare have all their classes in line, ready to do warfare with the rest of us.

The inner-city blacks who follow professional Marxist-racist leaders like Jackson, Sharpton, Farakahn, Wright, etc., Democrats all, are always, always, going to vote a straight Democrat Party ticket.

The unregulated, government-mandated and protected multi-billion dollar abortion industry will always donate to the Democrat Party cause and vote Democratic.

The homosexual lobby and militant homosexual groups will always vote Democrat.

The profiteers of pornography and the entire multi-billion dollar masturbation industry will always support the Democrat Party with dollars and votes.

Criminal aliens with no legal right to vote here, or even be here, will always vote Democrat when an ACORN worker or an SEIU thug takes them to the polls for that purpose.

Atheist and militant secularist groups like the ACLU who despise God will always vote and agitate for the Democrat Party cause and candidates.

Of course there are all the unions, and all the haters of the successful, and all the others that have grown bitter in their Democrat-fed envy of the achievements of others. Those who have swallowed all of the fatal false premises I wrote about in the right column, such as the false premise that says that Property Is Theft, which should be seen to be stupid on it’s face, and yet is embraced by many.

Worse yet may be the millions of Americans who have bought into the false premise underlying the Pacifist movement, which says that if we would just be nice to everyone on earth, why, everyone on earth would be nice to us.

There is no evil, in other words. Trust us. Just be nice, throw away all your arms, demilitarize, and the world will be a wonderful place.


When you hear the next Obamunist speech – and there will be many, many more – and you think, who could possibly believe what this man is saying, how could he even believe his own words; and how could anyone possibly be so incredibly stupid as to listen to this twaddle and then vote for this guy – remember, he is not talking to you. You are in the wrong third, to him. He is talking to his third. And they are, indeed, that stupid. Or, for some few of them, they are indeed that evil.

Our third has got to stay energized and we have got to wake up the middle third even more than it is already awake. I know there are a lot of Democrats at Tea Party meetings, and I know there are a lot of union members there too. However, Obamunism will never, never lose it’s entire third, and it will seek to make inroads into the middle, and it will use treachery, deceit and cheating to do what it can to either destabilize the country so power may be seized by force, or to steal an election, or part of an election.

This is a time of dividing.

Do not seek to “bring us together” with evil. Seek to defeat evil.

We – you and I – have got to return to basics: to simple right versus wrong. And we need to stand in public and speak it. We’re not going anywhere worth going if we do not stand in the Truth.

Seek the Truth, find the Way, live the Life; please God and live forever.

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