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Thomistic Evolution? Really? Aquinas Reasoning supports Darwinism?
September 02, 2017
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Thomistic Evolution? Really? Aquinas Reasoning supports Darwinism?

Thomistic Evolution is an attempt at blending flawed material science with Genesis, so that Christians who had their faith shaken by faith in Darwinism can do a Christian-faith-restored happy-dance.

Vic Biorseth, Friday, September 01, 2017

We looked at the Thomistic Evolution website after being apprised of some of its arguments supporting natural evolution of species by a devout Catholic, who couldn't believe that vowed Dominican Brothers and Priests could be so faithful to Darwinism. But they are; Thomistic Evolution is a Dominican website, operated by Dominicans. Who are, one might assume, also faithful Catholics. What the site does is argue for a reasonable "compatibility" between the theory of evolution and Divine Revelation, especially as set down in Genesis.

Not just that both can be true, but that both are true. And compatible.

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