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An Open Letter to Daniel Cardinal DiNardo.
April 15, 2010
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An Open Letter to Daniel Cardinal DiNardo.

Mark Brumbaugh, Thursday, April 15, 2010

I am trying to get the Bishop's attention; here is how I hope to do it.

For the personal attention of Daniel Cardinal DiNardo:

It is with sadness that after many years of generosity, I must inform you that I can no longer support the DSF.

Your letters to Congress on behalf of the USCCB under the guise of Social Justice, supported the violation of many commandments (thou shalt not steal, thou shalt not covert thy neighbors goods) as well as basic tenets of my faith including the right to private property and subsidiarity. I found it incredible that the USCCB would assign our personal moral responsibility to be charitable to such a corrupt and self serving institution as the United States government under the current regime.

In January of this year I attended a mass at St. Claire’s in Clear Lake. We were attending this parish as a guest along with 50 others of my extended family to memorialize the recent death in childbirth of my 39 year old daughter-in-law. I was treated to an impossible homily by the Deacon, wherein he informed those present that if they had health insurance, they were stealing. I was forced in the prayers of the faithful to pray for “Universal Health Care” and “Immigration Reform”.

Upon sending several notes to the pastor of said parish (Father Dominic Pistore) asking for clarification and reconciliation of that sermon with the teachings of the church, I was admonished to never contact him again, was told I was immoral and “may God have mercy on my soul.” He liberally quoted the USCCB and your letters to Congress.

I sent those letters to your and Bishop Joe’s attention. I never received a response. I was told my a member of that parish, that your personal assistant called Father Dominic and was informed by the good father that my letters were unworthy of your attention.

You should have known that trying to do good through the evil people in this administration, Obama, Pelosi, Reid, and even Stupak, would lead to the ambiguous external placation in the form of a presidential order of no significance restricting federal funds from abortion. I am frankly ashamed and disgusted with the USCCB for shirking their responsibilities to lead us to a moral and righteous salvation, and instead have been way too vociferous in support of Social Justice through government mandate. And to have your conscientious faithful’s mail filtered by an executive assistant in these days of scandal is frankly extremely shortsighted and unworthy of a church leader.

You should know well over half of practicing Catholics that I know take extreme opposition to the positions of the USCCB on certain political issues and have plenty of biblical, catechism, and papal pronouncements to back them up. I am fortunate to attend a parish that leaves to Caesar those things that are Caesars and concentrates on our lives with respect to God.

Yours in Christ,

Mark Brumbaugh

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